German doctors have listed ways to lose weight for women after 50 years

Немецкие медики перечислили способы, помогающие похудеть женщинам после 50 лет

It is no secret that older women are harder to keep the weight inherent in a slim figure. Metabolism becomes sluggish, aggravated by menopause the body does not have enough resources to actively participate in all physiological processes. In General, after the age of 50 years given weight loss much more difficult than after 30. But what to do if you fail to lose weight even in your sleep?

According to German doctors, even after the onset of the 50th anniversary of to lose weight quite real. This writes the German magazine Freundin.

The interviewed experts described the ways that will help in this.

Use spices and herbs. Studies have shown that people who add Cayenne pepper to food, experience fewer cravings for sweet, fatty foods. Supplementing the diet with spices and herbs stimulate metabolism, which helps to maintain or reduce weight, experts say.

There are like children. Sometimes it seems that the child needs an eternity to finish their portion. A slow manner is one of the best ways to maintain harmony, emphasized by nutritionists. It is scientifically proven that chewing food at least 30 seconds after each bite causes a feeling of satiety even before the plate is finally empty.

“A feeling of satiety occurs only after a certain time. Long chewing helps to save calories and lose weight”, — tell the doctors.

Regular exercise. Not every sport is suitable for work after the age of 50 years. But swimming, Hiking, walking, riding a bike is gentle enough for the body load.

“For weight loss after 50 years, it is important to focus on developing muscle mass to boost metabolism. Even small, but regular movement can help to achieve the goal,” — says the magazine.

Not to count calories. Practice shows: to choose healthy, nutritious food much better than to track her calories.

People tend to use processed foods. But it is better to get rid of the need to monitor calories and choose natural whole products“, — scientists believe.

To turn off the TV. The food is in front of the TV causes a person to consume about 13-25 percent more, as the attention is scattered and does not focus on food. For weight loss it is important to eat without distractions.

which helps to lose five pounds in a week.

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