German Foreign Ministry: Air defense is more relevant for Ukraine than tanks

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German Foreign Ministry: air defense is more relevant for Ukraine than tanks

Now the priority is to strengthen the air defense of Ukraine, and the supply of tanks is secondary, said the head of the German Foreign Ministry.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock currently considers air support for Ukraine in the war with Russia to be decisive. She said this in an interview with Phoenix TV channel.

“At the beginning of the week, we saw how important air defense is. Fortunately, half of the missile attacks on Kyiv were intercepted, including thanks to our arms supplies,” she explained. Burbock's position.

She added that “there will be further support, especially in the field of air defense.”

At the same time, Burbock believes that the supply of tanks to Ukraine is secondary in the current situation.


“If we talk about the tanks you mentioned, they are already being supplied by other countries as part of the “ring” exchange scheme. In addition, thanks to the advance to the east, Ukrainian troops were able to capture a large number of Russian tanks. Therefore, the issue of tanks is not so acute now , as an air defense issue,” Burbock said.

Earlier, Ukrainian diplomat Andriy Melnik suggested that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz create a “European tank alliance”.

Recall, representatives of the Soyuz-90 party/green, included in n ruling coalition in Germany, stressed the need to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

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