Germany and France try to relaunch the Berlin-Paris axis

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Germany and France attempt to relaunch the Berlin-Paris axis

“Friends support each other in case of need,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this Friday at a joint press conference with French Prime Minister Lisabeth Borne , on an official visit to Berlin. Scholz's words come on the day that the two governments have signed a declaration of “energy solidarity“.

The declaration establishes the mutual support between Paris and Berlin with the aim of “guaranteeing the energy supply” of both countries, at a time when the war in Ukraine , the sanctions against Russia and the end of the supply of Russian gas put the first European economy on the ropes at the gates of a winter that is expected to be cold. Lasted. “Our countries need each other to get through the energy crisis next winter,” Borne added.

Borne's official visit was actually scheduled for last September, but had to be postponed after Scholz tested positive for coronavirus. In October, Paris also canceled the At the last minute, a ministerial meeting between the two governments was held for agenda reasons. These two postponements fueled speculation about the state of the Paris-Berlin axis. The little harmonyWhat French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Scholz have shown so far fuel speculation.


Borne's visit to Berlin ;n culminates a week in which three ministers from Scholz's cabinet traveled to Paris. This rapprochement between the two governments has been baptized by the German media as “the week of reconciliation” and seems to seek to relaunch the Berlin-Paris axis, described a thousand times as ” the engine” of the European Union.

Three heavyweights of the German government – the foreign minister, the green Annalena Baerbock, the economy minister and vice-chancellor, also green Robert Habeck, and Finance, the liberal Christian Lindner– They met the last days with President Macron, who could be like this. Looking for other interlocutors in Berlin beyond the UK. of Chancellor Scholz.