Germany examines Spain's ambition


    Germany examines Spain's ambition

    After its resounding victory in the debut againstFinland, Spain will try to Go one step further in the European Championship against Germany, one of the main candidates for the title (9pm, La 1). This is one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament, which will serve to measure the ambition of the Spanish team, despite the loss of two fundamental pieces such as Alexia Putellas and Jenni Hermoso, against a rival that has been champion of the tournament eight times.

    “We are ready and we believe that it is the best opportunity to beat Germany for the first time”, says the coach Jorge Vilda. “We were about to win them”, adds in reference to the last confrontation withGermany, a tie at one in the Arnold Clark Cup, at the beginning of the year. “They equalized in the last minutes. We weren't able to get that second goal, which I think would have finished off the game. It is true that they caused us some problems on the counterattack, but we had control of the game, and I think it was a lesson”, he points out.

    The team led by Martina Voss-Tecklenburg also left an excellent example of the excellent form with which he arrives at the tournament after overwhelming Denmarkin the debut (4-0), the same rival that eliminated her; in the quarterfinals in the last edition. Physical superiority and speed were two of the keys to the German victory and they will be two of the aspects that Vilda is considering, who could make defensive adjustments on the wings.< /p>

    Defensive firmness

    “We all know Germany, we have faced them several times. A lot of players have been changing but their way of playing is very similar to what they have been doing for many years”, values ​​the goalkeeper Sandra Paños . “It's a very complete team that has players who play very well inside, players who are very vertical up front. We'll have to be firm defensively, be careful behind our backs, not leave space between the lines.”

    Patricia Guijarro, the national team's midfielder, assures, for her part, that the setbacks the team has suffered in the run-up to the European Championship with the injury of some of their players they have strengthened them. “The setbacks have made us unite more. Actually we always have been and it's not just now. We have Virginia, Jenni, Alexia and Salma very much in mind and they are sending us strength and helping us. In the group We are very good and we feel very good. Against Germany it is a challenge, we have never won them, and the team is really looking forward to it”, he underlined.


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