Germany is ready to transfer the first IRIS-T to Ukraine

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Germany is ready to transfer the first IRIS-T to Ukraine

Head of the German Ministry of Defense Kristine Lambrecht announced the transfer of the first air defense system to Kyiv “in the coming days.”

The German government plans to transfer the first IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine “in the next few days.” This was announced on Monday, October 10, by German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, according to the German Federal Ministry of Defense on her Twitter account.

“That's why we are now providing dedicated air defense capability support. In the next few days, the first of our four advanced IRIS-T systems will be ready to effectively defend Ukrainians.” , – the German official emphasized.

Deliveries of the next three systems are planned for next year, Lambrecht added.

Our website wrote earlier that Ukraine will be the first country in the world to include the latest IRIS-T air defense systems in its arsenal.

As you know, Germany initially planned to supply Ukraine with two IRIS-T air defense systems by the end of this year, and two more at the beginning of the next.

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