Germany predicts an increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine

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Growth in the number of refugees from Ukraine is predicted in Germany

The German government believes that in winter we should expect a new wave of Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing the war.

In winter, the flow of refugees from Ukraine to Europe will increase. This was stated by the commissioner of the German government for migration Rim Alabali-Radovan, reports the German news portal RND.

A new wave of Ukrainian refugees to the European Union is expected due to the harsh military winter, the media notes.

< p> The official believes that the increase in the flow of Ukrainian refugees will primarily affect Poland and the Czech Republic.

“Therefore, we must remain in close contact with neighboring countries and be ready to continue to receive people fleeing the war,” Alabali summed up -Radovan.

Recall that The Telegraph reports that hundreds of families from Ukraine who ended up in the UK as refugees became homeless.

We add that the European Commission is extending the mechanism of temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees for another year – until March 2024.

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