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Germany - Scotland: at home, the Mannschaft takes a stroll for its entry into contention, the summary of the match

For his entry into the running at home in this Euro 2024, Germany crushedé Scotland this Friday evening (5-1) thanks to & works by Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala, Kai Havertz, Niclas Fullkrug and Emre Can. Rudiger scored an own goal. À note the exclusion of Porteous for Scotland. Ideal start for the Mannschaft.

Germany - Scotland: at home, the Mannschaft takes a stroll for its entry into contention, the summary of the match

Germany 5: 1

Germany - Scotland: at home, the Mannschaft takes a stroll for its entry into contention, the summary of the match

Scotland Live

END OF LIVE! Three matches take place this Saturday for the second day of Euro 2024:

  1. Hungary-Switzerland à 3 p.m.
  2. Spain-Croatia à 6 p.m.
  3. Italy-Albania à 9 p.m.

23:30 – The summaryé Match !

An ideal entrance! For his debut in his Euro 2024 & at home, Germany brilliantly imposed itself against the opposition. Scotland (5-1). After the start of the match at one way, the Mannschaft made the difference from the first minutes of play. in the 10th minute, Joshua Kimmich found hope Florian Wirtz à the entrance to the Scottish surface. The midfielder strikes from the right with first intention and crosses his shot. Gunn misses his save and deflects the ball onto his right-hand post (1-0, 10th). Nine minutes later, Kroos found the gap in midfield and served Gundogan. The captain shifts to Havertz in depth who delays before passing the ball à Musiala. The attacking midfielder makes a body feint before sending a missile into the Scotland cages (2-0, 19th). An idyllic start to the meeting for Julian Nagelsmann's players. Cornered, Scotland cannot reach its goal. come out of the German dry cleaners. Before halftime, Gundogan is broke; in the box before he tried to kick. After watching the video, Clément Turpin directly excludes Porteous, author of the dangerous tackle on the German captain's ankle. In the process, the penalty is transformed into a by Kai Havertz (3-0, 45+1e).

Returning from the locker room, the pace is the same on the pitch of the Allianz Arena. Julian Nagelsmann proceeds & his first substitutions with the entries into play of Pascal Gross, Niclas Fullkrug and Leroy Sané notably. The second named is the first &agrav; put yourself in sight on the ground. À In the 68th minute of play, he took advantage of poor control from Gundogan to recover the ball and send a missile into Gunn's left corner (4-0, 68th) . The party was on full display before Rudiger's own goal from a harmless free kick (4-1, 87th). Entrance in play, Emre Can completed the game. the mark of a rolled strike the entrance to the Scottish surface (5-1, 90+3rd). By winning this evening, Germany has already done well. a big step towards qualifying for the round of 16 of Euro 2024 while Scotland will have to react on Wednesday. < /p>

23:25 – Next meeting Wednesday

Winner this evening, Germany will be able to take a big step towards qualifying for the round of 16 of Euro 2024 on Wednesday. The Mannschaft will face Hungary. For their part, Scotland will have to get back up by trying to beat Switzerland.

23:20 – Kroos, sir 100% or almost

Strong man of Germany this evening, Toni Kroos completed 101 passes this evening out of 102 attempted…

23:15 – Germany is reassured

In delicacy for several months, Germany has reassured itself ;e this evening with this successful entry into this Euro 2024. À at home, the Mannschaft successfully entered the competition and showed that it is one of the favorites for the final victory on July 14.

23:10 – Wirtz and Musiala, record duo

With Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, Germany has become the first ;re &eac;team &at; have two players aged 21 or under score in the same match Euro.

23:05 – A match à one way

This opening match of Euro 2024 was very exciting. à one way in favor of Germany. The Mannschaft shot à 19 matches (compared to 1 for Scotland). Possession was 68% for Julian Nagelsmann's players while Gunn made six saves, compared to 0 for Neuer.

23 :00 – Update on the ranking

With this big victory, Germany takes the lead in Group A while waiting for the second place. Group match tomorrow afternoon between Hungary and Switzerland:  

  1. Germany: 3 points (+4)
  2. Hungary: 0 points
  3. Switzerland: 0 points
  4. Scotland: 0 points (-4)

It's over! à the Allianz Arena where Germany begins its Euro 2024 with a demonstration at home. residence. The Mannschaft won 5-1 after an offensive festival.

The Germans combine on the side& oacute; left and Emre Can is served à the entrance to the surface. The midfielder rolls up and his shot ends in the small left net of Gunn who can only watch the ball end up in his net.

22:52 – Three minutes of added time

There will be three additional minutes of play in this second period.

On a harmless free kick, Robertson sends a ball into the area from the left. Everyone passes through except Scott McKenna who puts it directly on Rudiger. Surprised, the defender can do nothing and hits the ball with his head. Manuel Neuer is lobbed; and concedes a Scottish goal.

22:46 – Sané insists

In difficultyé since his entry into play, Leroy San&eac; shows up again. At the heart of the game, the winger tries his luck & twenty-five meters but çit flew away.

22:43 – New change é Scottish

Ryan Christie is replaced by Lawrence Shankland.

22:42 – Kroos comes out

For the last ten& Early minutes into the match, Toni Kroos gave up his place. Emre Can.


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