Gilded. 3 zodiac signs who will definitely be lucky with money in August 2022


    Gold-plated. 3 zodiac signs who will definitely be lucky with money in August 2022

    The end of summer will bring special financial benefits to certain zodiac signs.

    Astrologer Angela Pearl asked planets and tarot cards, who will be the luckiest with money in August 2022.


    The first card from Ryder's deck for Libra was a special card – the sun. This is a solar card that means triumph in the last month of summer 2022. Libra will definitely have a sunny August.

    You will be “on a horse”, which means you will have an advantage in certain areas of your life over others.

    The King of Pentacles fell out next – and this is a card of finance. You will be financially confident throughout the month. Perhaps you will be promoted at work or counted additional bonuses. However, Libra will definitely have no problems with money in August.

    Next we see the Queen of Swords – means Libra itself. Perhaps you will advise and point out to someone, other people will need your point of view.

    In addition, Libra will help others. You will have a sincere desire to do good deeds. Perhaps you will join a charity meeting or organize a charity event yourself. Therefore, Libra will sincerely share their finances with those who need it.


    Representatives of this zodiac sign in August 2022 will stand “on two legs”. After all, the first card was the King of Pentacles – finance, stability. Either you organize a secure life for yourself, or Capricorns, Taurus or Virgo (representatives of the earth signs of the zodiac) will help you. Maybe it will be your father or husband. However, the fact that the first card fell exactly financial is a very good sign.

    The card of the sun can be good weather or a trip to warmer climes. It is also a card of triumph, promotion, business. In particular, the Sun can symbolize gold and a coin, so this card also means good financial condition.

    The sun also means a child – the success of your children or the birth of a new successful business, perhaps a business.

    The Queen of Wands – the fire element (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) – a person who plays a big role in your life at the end of summer 2022.


    Scorpions in August 2022 expect peace and “no drama”.

    The Nine of Wands is a map of the border and one's own land. Perhaps you will travel or move to another place. But Scorpions will definitely come out victorious in their fight.

    Scorpios are stronger than they think, so they can do whatever they have in mind.

    Map of growth and expansion. Perhaps you will implement grandiose plans for your business and reach new horizons. And this will definitely bring good results.

    The King of Pentacles (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) – he can help you with something and support you. Maybe it's one of your parents or friends.

    Another king is the King of Cups – he's more romantic than pragmatic (Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio). This character will support you more emotionally in August 2022.

    And the third king was Fiery – active, conqueror (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). You will definitely make new acquaintances and contacts. And the fact that three kings fell out at the same time is a very good sign for Scorpios.

    The last card to fall is Joy, so Scorpions at the end of summer 2022 will feel great happiness, next to them will be the closest and dearest. Therefore, in addition to financial benefits, you will also receive an endless surge of good emotions.


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