Giorgia Meloni raises controversy in Italy by announcing that she wants to be called “the prime minister”

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Giorgia Meloni stirs up controversy in Italy by announcing that she wants to be called

The new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has raised controversy in Italy after announcing that she wants to be called “the prime minister” instead of “the prime minister”, betting on a gender declination male instead of female. In the first communiqu├ęs issued since its constitution this Sunday, the new Italian Government has presented the winner of the elections on September 25 as“the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni”.

“The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, will be in the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, September 25, to make statements about his government program,” says the latest letter issued by Palacio Chigi.

“Cordial and fruitful conversation, of more than an hour between the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron”, reads another of the writings, in this case released after the meeting. n Sunday between the leaders of Italy and France. This decision to decline Meloni's post –which in its literal translation into Spanish would be “president of the Council of Ministers”– has not gone unnoticed by the opposition and by the Italian media. Specifically, the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini, of the Social Democratic Democratic Party (PD),he is among the most critical, wondering if “it's too much” for the leader of the Brothers of Italy (HDI) to use the feminine.

“The level controversy of Peppa Pig”

“The first female prime minister calls herself by the masculine, the prime minister. What prevents her from claiming her leadership in the language? Affirm the feminine Is it too much for HDI, a party that already forgets the sisters in its name?” Boldrini expressed on his Twitter account.

For his part, Carlo Calenda, a member of the centrist Third Party coalition Polo, has assured that it is becoming “the controversial level of Peppa Pig“. “Friends, here you are. it is being derailing. Among other government controversies and this one from 'the prime minister', we are returning to the controversial level of Peppa Pig, which we thought was an unrepeatable album”, Calenda has also maintained on the social network Twitter.< /p>

However, it has not been only politicians who have lashed out against this decision of the new Italian 'premier'.

Against the rules

The Union of Journalists of RAI (Usigrai) –Italy's public television– has lamented in a statement that Meloni< strong> goes against European standardson the use of the feminine in public office and professions. “The lawyer, the lawyer. The prime minister, the prime minister. While Italy laboriously adapts to European norms on the use of the feminine in public office and professions, in many RAI newsrooms we are witnessing a dangerous setback “, affirmed Usigrai, assuring that there is pressure from management to use the masculine name to address Giorgia Meloni's new position because “she has requested it”.

However, the Italian academic and linguist Vera Gheno, specialized in inclusive language, has declared to the newspaper 'Fanpage' that the determined form in the Italian language in the case of Meloni foresees the use of the feminine, although it is not considered an error by the Academia de la Crusca(the Italian simile of the Royal Spanish Academy, RAE).

No However, Gheno has highlighted that despite the Italian Prime Ministershe is free to choose a male or female declension for her position, “at this point she is making a political choice”. “It is a choice that deviates from the direction in which our grammar would go. Until not many years ago, choosing the feminine, instead of the masculine , was considered the marked option, while now the issue is being reversed”, the linguist told the aforementioned newspaper.