Girl caught in Montreal: a man is charged with hit and run

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Girl caught in Montreal: a man is charged with hit and run

Many residents of the neighborhood wanted to pay tribute to the Ukrainian girl who succumbed to her injuries.

Juan Manuel Becerra Garcia, a 45-year-old man, was formally charged with hit-and-run in the death of a 7-year-old girl on Tuesday morning at the intersection Parthenais and Rouen streets, in Montreal.

The accused had first fled on Tuesday morning, leaving the child seriously injured on the road. He surrendered to the police in the afternoon, in a neighborhood police station on the South Shore, where he lives.

He was then questioned at length by the police in the evening and into the night.

The Crown opposed his release. The 45-year-old man, with no criminal record, requested a Spanish interpreter.

Interview with the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, concerning road safety following the death of a seven-year-old girl on the streets of the city.

Residents of the neighborhood, including many parents, have long complained of traffic problems on residential streets, such as motorists driving too fast or not performing their stops.

However, the circumstances of the accident are unknown and no information on the driver's driving has been given.

Surveillance cameras installed in the area could, however, help the work of the police.

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Maria Legenkovska was walking to the school she attends with her big brother and big sister.

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