Girona flies towards the victory of promotion


    “Girona deserves to go up due to insistence”, admits Michel, the coach facing the sixth promotion of the rojiblancos, forced to beat Tenerife at home

    Girona flies to promotion victory

    The sixth promotion promotion in eight years, with the parenthesis of the two seasons in the First Division. The third in a row in the last three seasons. “Girona deserves to go up due to insistence,” said Michel, the red-and-white coach, in the first opportunity he has had to go up since he became a member of the team. on Montilivi's bench.

    It is the first, but Michel took He took the plane to Tenerife knowing perfectly well the history of misfortunes and curses that have condemned Girona.The five promotions ended the same way: with tears.The promotion of 2017 came about directly , ranked second in the league competition.

    it will be your turn to Girona, if it goes up, do it with a victory. It is the only way. Inflicting on Tenerife the displeasure that it suffered so many times. at home. everything is prepared on the Canary Island for the promotion of his team, who just need to draw, be it in the 90 minutes or in the 30 minutes of extra time. will go up in that case the Tenerife because it was left behind. better classified (fourth) than Girona (sixth).

    “Girona deserves to go up due to insistence. They have cried, but have been able to try again and be in the fight again “

    Michel Sánchez/Coach of Girona FC

    From history to illusion< /h3>

    chose Michel used the expression “to make history” on the eve of the departure. After the 0-0 draw, and before leaving for Tenerife, he said that the word “illusion” was hovering over his head more than the word “responsibility”. “It is a historic moment for Girona, and that responsibility must be carried from the illusion”, clarified the technician, who enjoyed it. six promotions during his career as a player and coach. From his perspective, he considered that Girona's insistence deserved the final grand prize.

    “It has been a team that has always known how to get up. It has cried, but it has been able to reverse the situation, try again, be in the fight again”, he maintained, also remembering that in this same season the team was placed several days in relegation positions and now it is about to make the big leap to First Division.

    The same leap that Tenerife intends to take, which went up four times to First Division but only one via promotion. “We wanted the club to fight again for important things. This season we have gone very fast and we are even in the final of these playoffs“, acknowledged Luis Miguel Ramis with some surprise at the level achieved. In his second season as a coach at Heliodoro Rodríguez, he is approaching “the most important game of my career and the one that He has his prize as a coach.”

    “It is the most important game of my career and the one that has the most prize as a coach”

    Luis Miguel Ramis/Coach of CD Tenerife

    Girona flies to victory promotion

    Luis Miguel Ramis, Tenerife's coach, at the press conference prior to the match.

    Ramón de la Rocha/Efe

    Michel predicts  a “spectacular” version of his team.

    Goal forecast

    Ramis, like Michel, renewed the contract before the promotion started. Ramis, like Michel, assured that his team will come out to look for the victory, although the tie serves him. Ramis, like Michel, has detected a lot of enthusiasm and desire in his ranks. They also agreed that Tenerife will be more ambitious. For that alone, the party won't have a chance. nothing to do with the first leg, although it will be just as “competitive, even and tense” according to Ramis, who designed A defensive attitude in his team to play it today under the protection of his public. the best attendance since 2010.

    Michel anticipates; a game with goals and announced what will be seen on the lawn “a spectacular version” of his team. He based his prediction on the fact that he perceives “the strength, the union, the ability to fight and sacrifice and suffer” of his footballers until the last training session yesterday, before flying to Tenerife in search of victory for promotion.  


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