Girona will play it in Tenerife

Girona will play it in Tenerife

One more week of uncertainty. One more week of preparation. One more week of tension. One more week of hope. Girona and Tenerife postponed until next Sunday the verdict on which of the two will accompany the decision. He went to Almería and Valladolid on the wonderful trip to the First Division that began eleven months ago. It doesn't come from a week, no.

The existence of that second party, of that second opportunity, accentuated the team prudence. Tenerife's defensive approach was to be expected, whose priority was to return to the island with a clean sheet. Girona did not go crazy either. for pretending to take advantage of the first leg at home, in an enthusiastic and colorful Montilivi. The experience of having beaten Eibar at home by 0-2 in the previous tie nullified any suicidal desire. If you won in Ipurua, you can win in Tenerife, or that was the mood in the locals. Although the Canaries had beaten them in both league games.

Girona will play it in Tenerife

Pol Lozano tries to overcome the opposition of three opponents.

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Final agitation

he commanded Girona, of course, at all times, and he lacked; create more chances to not be required to a maximum effectiveness to catch the victory. He had a couple of clear opportunities, three, no more, playing with the handbrake activated in the first half, something more cheerful later. The third attempt came with a great free kick by Aleix in the 90th minute. That was not the last. There were seven additions that weren't going to change anything, unless there was an accident at that point. Or that Samu Saiz, the final agitator of the red and whites, pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

The last barrage of balls to the area, with Samu Saiz as agitator, arrived without Stuani on the pitch.

Michel made two changes almost with time served to force a random trick. The last flurry of balls into the box came when Stuani had already been substituted. Not even a sad ball with a face and eyes fell on him. I called the captain while he was there. on the grass.

Avoiding risks in the construction from the three centrals, Girona played the almost always short securing the pass. The defenders were looking for Pol Lozano, but the midfielder could not connect with the interiors, pressured by the Tenerife strikers. The remedy was to move the ball from side to side so that an interior space appeared and that the talented Martín or Aleix could challenge the defenders. Arnau and Valery acted as wingers but only in one direction.< /strong>They barely stepped on their own field. With the passing of the minutes it was lowered. the attention, the tiredness weighed down the the legs and the ball slipped into the air. faster between enemy lines, including your own, without ending up on the net.

Girona will play it in Tenerife

Alex Baena tries to control a ball .

Marc Martí Font

The best chance was at the feet of Baena, whom Aleix placed on the ground. in advantage after a robbery, but the forward entertained himself too much

Tenerife didn't even shoot

missing more auction. The Tenerife didn't even fire. on goal. He invaded the area of ​​Juan Carlos once, a spectator planted on the grass, and got involved. Enrique Gallego. The eleven canary seemed More ambitious at the start of the second half looking for a surprise blow, spurred on by his coach, Luis Miguel Ramis. must have To think that he had gone too far in ordering the defensive precautions. What did not prevent Girona had an opportunity.

The best was at the feet of Baena, whom Aleix placed under his arms. in advantage after stealing a ball. The prompt assistance from inside continued. with a third control of Baena that left him too angled and too close to Soriano. The other opportunity was a bad rejection from José; León towards his goal which bounced off the ground. in the meta's chest. 

He didn't give up. Girona to squeeze (70% possession), more courageous and daring than Tenerife, more excited and convinced too, which will only lack the success exhibited in Eibar to return to the First Division in the third promotion in a row. it will be a sealed promotion away from home. it will be destiny.

Girona will play it in Tenerife

The atmosphere of Montilivi, with a packed house to the brim.



File technique

Girona:Juan Carlos (6); Bueno (5), Bernardo (5), Juanpe (6); Lozano (6); Arnau (6), Iván Martín (5), Aleix (6), Valery (5); Baena (6), Stuani (5).

Technician: Michel (6).

Substitutions: Jairo (6) for Juanpe (m. 79); Samu Saiz (6) for Baena (m. 79); Busts (5) by Stuani (d. 79); Ureña (sc) by Alexis (d. 97); Room (sc) by Valery (d. 97).

Tenerife: Soriano (7); Moore (5), S. González (6), José; Leon (5), Mellot (5); Mollejo (5), Sanz (6), Corredera (6), Bermejo (5); M. González (4), Enric Gallego (4).

Technician: Luis Miguel Ramis (5).

Substitutions: Elady (5) by M. Gonzá ;lez (d. 61); Carlos Ruiz (sc) for Corredera (d. 80); Pomares (5) by Mollejo (m. 80); Martín (5) by Escribano (m. 80).

Goals: None.

Referee: Hernández Maeso (4 ), Extremadura.

Cards: Lozano (m. 25), Elady (m. 69), Martín (m. 90).

< p>Stadium: Montilivi.

Spectators: 11,800. 

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