GitHub now with dark mode, forums and corporate sponsorship

GitHub now with dark mode, forums and corporate sponsorship

GitHub now with dark mode, forums and corporate sponsorship


At the opening keynote of this year’s edition of the GitHub conference Universe, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman and team members presented numerous new functions in a video. For many, the dark mode of the GitHub website should be a visual blessing. Those who make a living from software development may be happy about corporate sponsorship. Enterprise customers get functions with Enterprise Server 3.0 that were previously only available on

For the dark mode of the app, the company had to work on very fundamental structures of the platform. This work continued for the website. “We didn’t make the new beginning, popular with developers, but invested the effort and modernized the necessary components of the site,” says Max Schoening, VP of Product Design, in an interview with heise online. The website’s dark mode is now available. GitHub’s mobile app has mastered night mode for a long time.

At the Satellite in 2019, GitHub presented with sponsors an opportunity to support projects financially. So far, sponsorship has only been possible for individuals. Nevertheless, this sponsorship has meant that some users can now make a living from it. As of now, companies can also sponsor projects. This should make it easier for companies to support important projects without having to go through complex internal processes. Sponsoring should be possible both by invoice and credit card. Companies that already have an existing payment relationship with GitHub can use this for payment.

GitHub now with dark mode, forums and corporate sponsorship

Now companies can sponsor software projects directly on GitHub.

In addition to sponsors such as American Express, AWS and GitHub parent company Microsoft, the German car manufacturer Daimler is also one of the first companies to make use of the sponsorship function. “At Daimler, we see an inestimable value in the close connection between brilliant and passionate people inside and outside the company. Sponsorship is a great way to support the open source community and to say thank you for software that has helped us in the past, ”said Dr. Wolfgang Gehring, FOSS Ambassador at Daimler TSS quoted.

Larger software communities on GitHub repeatedly suffer from the fact that the issue tracker is used as a discussion forum. “Discussions” should put an end to this. These discussion forums integrated in GitHub were already presented as a closed beta at the GitHub Satellite in May 2020. The beta is now released for all public repositories and anyone can use the function. It is still unclear when Discussions will come out of beta.

GitHub is expanding its efforts for more security in open source software this time as well. The dependency review should show which dependencies a pull request changes or introduces. The Depency Review is based on the existing Dependency Graph and the Security Alerts. With the reviews, GitHub users can see whether a pull request brings a security vulnerability before they merge it.

In addition, the continuous delivery functions of GitHub Actions will be expanded. With Environments, projects can now define specific environments in which their code will run. You can assign specific rules and secrets to these, for example only certain users can start jobs in an environment. This should help in adhering to security and compliance requirements. The “Required Reviewers” ​​function ensures that actions jobs are given a nod by a human beforehand. Any secrets for the job are only released once the job has been released.

GitHub now with dark mode, forums and corporate sponsorship

The auto-merge feature does a little work for you.

The automatic merging of pull requests should relieve a little hard work. If all reviews and tests have been successfully completed, GitHub can now – if the function is activated – automatically merge a pull request. The feature will be available for public repositories as well as private repos in GitHub’s team and enterprise cloud plans starting next week.

The workflow visualization for actions creates a better overview. It shows where the actions job is currently and where it may have failed. This should help in understanding complex workflows and their analysis.

A release candidate for GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 will also appear in the next few weeks. This brings all sorts of functions that were previously reserved for the cloud version. Including the CI / CD solution GitHub Actions, and GitHub Packages as a package repository. Something has also happened on the security front. Server 3.0 is able to recognize forgotten secrets in the code. The mobile app now also works with the Enterprise Server. In addition, the automatic code scanning function for finding security gaps is available for all GHES instances.

The technical basis of the Enterprise Server has also been modernized. It is completely containerized. As Shanku Niyogi, Senior VP of Product, noted in an interview in heise online, moving the individual components of the GHES into the containers was very complex. “During development, we noticed that this is our first major release since 2014,” says Niyogi.

The GitHub Universe, like the GitHub Satellite, will take place completely online in May 2020. Interested parties can view all lectures on the web – even afterwards. Another interesting talk should be a conversation with the Youtube-DL developers about community guidelines. The talk starts at 19:15.


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