Giuseppa: “Our arguments were getting worse and worse”, she confides in her relationship crisis with Paga

Giuseppa: “ Our arguments were getting worse and worse”, she confides on his relationship crisis with Paga

Paga and Giuseppa have been living in great love for several months. But their relationship has not always been idyllic. In a Youtube video, they returned to their couple crisis and their sometimes violent arguments.

Giuseppagot married with Paga in The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 6, after having had a love story with Simon Castaldi . Since then, the lovers seem to live an intense and passionate relationship. But their couple has been strewn with pitfalls several times. Especially in the Apprentis Aventuriers 5, currently broadcast on W9. We see it as a fragile pair, constantly blaming himself. Particularly the young woman, whom viewers found “execrable” and “unbearable”. Criticisms that the main concerned has validated. According to her, his behavior was not good. Giuseppa herself admitted that she had taken the big head and that her attitude with Pagawas far from the best. But that's not all! In a new video posted on Giuseppa's Youtube channel, the two candidates confided in their couple crisis. While all seems well now, it hasn’t always been.

“I no longer had this desire to seduce, to charm you”, begins by explaining Giuseppa about the beginning of their descent into hell. Her relationship with Paga has been going through some lows recently, which she says started when they lived together. Is routine to blame? Maybe. But also to the strong character of the young woman. Indeed she explains: “I am young and sometimes I find it difficult to question myself. I've thought a lot. And seeing me on TV, I'm like ‘I actually blame it all on him'”. Giuseppa then weighs the pros and cons, stating, “Of course, you weren't blameless, you had a lot of flaws. But I notice that I don't often say that I, too, am wrong and that I, too, am not perfect. I know it but I'm not saying it”. Fortunately, the young woman had the click, as she indicates in this Youtube video. Worth them a beautiful reconciliation. However, in view of their quarrels in the couple, it’s far from being won.

“In our relationship, things were already not going well”

< p>The Apprentice Adventurers were an obstacle to their happiness. However, Giuseppadreamed of living this experience. But the difficulties of the adventure actually worsened the problems they already had outside of filming. As the young woman explains: We didn’t wait to be in Les Apprentis Aventuriers to have this kind of argument. It was already a month or two that it was complicated. There were several times when I got in my car and thought to myself that I needed to take a step back. At first our arguments were for nothing. But I felt that our arguments were getting worse and worse. So before we arrived in the Apprentices, in our couple it was already not going well ». Fortunately, Paga and Giuseppa have since watered down their wine. Now, the two candidates have many projects for their couple. “We have great plans for the coming months, maybe years. […] Maybe we will go through bad phases but we will be able to overcome them, , concludes Paga.

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