Gladiator: Roland Emmerich has found his Roman emperor for his series of gladiators

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Roland Emmerich reportedly found the actor to play his Roman Emperor in his upcoming gladiatorial series, Things About To Die.

Ithas been known for some time that Roland Emmerich will be retiring, having destroyed the Moon, ravaged the White House, and repelled an alien invasion. With his departure, a certain idea of ​​cinema will disappear, not always very refined, very regressive and quite pleasing. But before he bows out, the director of Independence Day intends to make the most of his last moments in Hollywood.

Thus, he will propose his Gladiator, with a television series entitled Those About To Die, devoted to the universe of the gladiators of ancient Rome, adding his stone to a quite substantial building. It will probably be difficult to bring new blood to the genre. This is why the filmmaker opted for a strong choice concerning the interpreter of the emperor for his project. He has indeed won the services of a legendary actor.

And this is Anthony Hopkins. The one who won the Oscar for best actor twice (The Silence of the Lambs, The Father) will therefore embody one of the major figures of ancient Rome. But which ? Indeed, for the moment, we do not officially know which emperor the Briton will take on, on the occasion of his participation in Those About To Die.

Of course, we can make some assumptions about this. As a reminder, Those About To Die is based on the eponymous novel by Daniel P. Mannix, which served as the basis for the Gladiatorby Ridley Scott. When we know a bit about the plot of the book, but also history, we can assume that Anthony Hopkins will slip into the skin of Marc-Aurèle (even if this remains speculation). Either way, regardless of the Emperor's final identity, this role will add to the collection of prestigious characters played by Anthony Hopkins.

This is why we can rejoice in its presence in the series, which might further convince skeptics to watch it. We also hope that the other members of the cast will live up to their illustrious partner, which would be necessary given the promises announced by the synopsis.

Those About To Die is presented as a drama set both in the corrupt world of gladiatorial combat (undoubtedly naughty, Roland Emmerich oblige) and in a Roman society filled with intrigue.< strong>And we are now a little more curious about this enticing program (thanks Anthony Hopkins).

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