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L 'glass of water scam is creating new victims - everyone can be easily fooled' /></p>
<p>Elderly or vulnerable people are the most targeted by this scam. We can protect ourselves by knowing the stratagem of the criminals. </p>
<p>The simplest scams are often the most used by criminals and the glass scam is one of them. The regional press has been reporting for several weeks on a process of murder. on the rise almost everywhere in France. Local media have also alerted on the extent of the phenomenon in Creuse recently; the criminals using this stratagem have also been punished. recently spotted in the Var. It is also causing more and more victims in Luxembourg.</p>
<p>In fact, the scam is so simple that it can affect any person who is too careless. What is it? A very effective method, very well described by the police who know the phenomenon well: two or three people go in broad daylight to a home, often of an elderly and isolated person, with the intention of committing theft. At the door, a person occupies the victim's attention while another asks for help. drink a glass of water, due to feeling unwell or very thirsty. This gives him the opportunity to to visit his victim's house in just a few minutes and steal a wallet or valuables.</p>
<p>The phenomenon is not trivial and could seem isolated, but in reality, the victims are numerous: the national police even alert the French via a dedicated communication à this technique, which she calls "flying" “hijacks her.” The glass of water scam also has multiple variants: fake postmen, fake firefighters and their calendars, fake volunteers from Restos du Coeur, fake agents from the National Police and the police. EDF requesting look at the meter.</p>
<p>The police have listed some official recommendations to avoid or protect yourself from this scam:</p>
<li>Never open the door to someone else. an unknown person, whatever the reason given.</li>
<li>Use the aperture and the peephole and speak to the person. through the door.</li>
<li>If in doubt, ask for a professional card or proof of intervention.</li>
<li>Do not indicate on your mailbox letters that you are a widow or widower or any other indication that you live alone.</li>
<li>Do not keep too much cash or valuables in your home .</li>
<p>If you are the victim of this scam, immediately notify the police by dialing 17, your responsiveness will be guaranteed. will allow rapid intervention aimed at call out the authors.</p>
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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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