Glass Onion: Everything you need to know about the sequel to Knives Out with Daniel Craig

Glass Onion: Everything You Need To Know About The Knives Out Sequel Starring Daniel Craig

This is the second part of the adventures of the investigator Benoît Blanc. It's still directed by Rian Johnson and will be broadcast soon on Netflix.

Cinema of the Year 2019, To Knives Out< /em> was a big family Cluedo carried by a monster cast and led by a Daniel Craig against the grain. He played on screen Benoit Blanc, a discreet and clever investigator, responsible for finding the murderer of the patriarch of a wealthy family. Let the fans be reassured… The film is entitled to a second part. It's still being directed by Rian Johnson and will air on Netflix soon. We take stock.

This sequel to À Knives Out is strangely titled in its original version Glass Onion. This mysterious title refers to the eponymous song of the Beatles available on the White Album. A classic of the genre. For the moment, we do not yet know if the title will be translated into French. Just as not much is known about this sequel. Except that Benoît Blanc travels to Greece to solve an enigma involving a gallery of colorful suspects. It promises…

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Shall we take the same ones and start over? Not really, no. In At Knives Out 2, only Daniel Craig is back in the lead role. Exithis sidekick Ana de Armas. Here, we will find Kathryn Hahn (Supporting Evidence), Ethan Hawke (Moon Knight), Edward Norton (American History X), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) or Kate Hudson(< em>How to get dumped in ten lessons). Rian Johnson, its director, explained on his Twitter account that the film will be inspired even more by murder mysteries way Agatha Christie. The thriller author was already some inspiration for the first film.No release date has been set by Netflix at this time.Wait and see , so.

  • Here is the short introductory teaser:

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