Gloomy facts about Jacek Rozenek's illness have seen the light of day. The actor broke the silence


As we all remember, Jacek Rozenek, the actor and ex-husband of Małgorzata Rozenek, suffered a massive stroke in 2019, the consequences of which he has been struggling to this day.

 Gloomy facts about Jacek Rozenek's illness saw the light of day. The actor broke his silence

He worked very hard to improve his condition, he even accepted the help of his ex-wife, who supported him financially during the hard, long and costly rehabilitation. The actor wrote a book about his illness and its impact on his life until now.

Jacek Rozenek pointed out the guilty parties of having suffered a stroke

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As he admitted, he considers doctors to be the culprit in his current health condition. As it turns out, when the actor began to have heart problems, he heard from the Medic that he did not qualify for treatment, but for a transplant, for which he would have to wait 5 years – Why did I get sick? I can say with a high degree of probability that my life was ruined by a poorly treated infection that led to heart disease, which is a very powerful factor in contributing to stroke. I was unlucky – we read in the book.

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Infection, kt & oacute; ra the actor's heart was, according to Adrianna Biedrzyńska, the cause of Jacek Rozenek's stroke. He himself considers medical malpractice to be the main cause of what has happened to him in his life and what he is struggling with now. ; rzy stated that he has no chance of recovering from a stroke, he will not be able to talk or walk.

The artist proved that they were wrongly wrong, because now he is able to independently walk and talk, understand everything, and are active in informing the public about stroke, its causes and effects, symptoms and how to care for a stroke survivor.


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