“God, country and family”: the fascist motto that recovers the Italian extreme right


The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, defends that the slogan is “the most beautiful manifesto of love”

"God, country and family": the fascist motto that recovers the Italian far-right

 The party Brothers of Italy,the first conservative option with a view to the next legislative elections, has used the motto “God, country and family” which the fascists used in the 1930s< /strong>, which has unleashed controversy in the country a month and a half before the elections on September 25.

The party leader, Giorgia Meloni, has defended that It is not a slogan, but “the most beautiful manifesto of love”,a manifesto that “crosses the centuries and has its roots in Cicero's 'pro Aris et Focis'”, according to the Italian newspaper 'La Reppublica'.

“It is the altar and the hearth that have always been at the foundation of Western civilization”, according to Meloni, who feels she is “heir to a tradition, a culture , an identity and a belonging”.

Meloni openly defends the “Christian roots”, the “sacred” and “our spirituality” in “a battle at European level”, some quotes from the October 2021 event in Madrid in an act with Vox.

For Meloni, the homeland is a nation inhabited by patriots, in the Mediterranean, “cradle of our civilization”. The family, for its part, is “the fundamental nucleus for procreation”, today attacked by those who question “sexual identity”.< /strong>

The author Gigi Marcucci has pointed out that “every time fascism reappears, many people find it difficult to recognize it.” “He is like a rich relative, but with a shameful past, that he suddenly touches you as a talker.” Thus, he has pointed out the “ambiguous” character of the “third way” that formally rejects 20th century fascism, but cites its slogans, such as this “God, country and family “.

Sacrifice for the leader

The slogan was coined in 1931 by the then general secretary of the National Fascist Party, Giovanni Giuriati, who addressed in the publication 'Fascist Youth' to young militants, reminding them of the importance of order, discipline, obedience, sacrifice for the country and for the leader under the slogan “God, country and family”.

The different Italian political parties are currently putting together coalitions to concur in the next legislative elections, which will take place on the 15th of September, but at the moment the one led by the Democratic Party (centre-left) leads the polls with 25% voting intention, followed by the Italian Brothers bloc (23 percent). percent) to which other parties such as the League (13 percent) may be added. Behind is the Five Star Movement (11 percent).


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