Godzilla: Kurt Russell joins the Apple TV + MonsterVerse series … with his son


After years away from television, Kurt Russell will star in an Apple TV+ series about Godzilla and the MonsterVerse, with his son.

Since the 1950s, the Japanese beast by the name of Godzilla has never ceased to interest filmmakers and has seen very, very many adaptations, which have even crossed the borders of the country at sunrise. So, even though purists will tell you, and they're probably right, that Ishiro Honda's films are above all else, in 2014 came Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, the first film and the best of the MonsterVerse.

After Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla II: King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Kongand whileGodzilla vs. Kong 2is in development, Warner studios and Legendary Pictures do not intend to stop there, since the first series of the MonsterVerse is in preparation. The series, which some call Godzilla and The Titans, is unfolding a little more. After learning that the series has found its director at Marvel and discovered the first names of the invited actors, that of Kurt Russell has just been announced.

If the actor began his career on television, notably with roles in the series Gunsmoke in 1955 or < strong>Hawaii State Police in 1968, he hadn't physically appeared in a series since On the Trail of the Cheyenne in 1976 (he still lent his voice to the character of Ego in What If…? in 2021). This new project will therefore mark his big comeback on the small screen, but also his first collaboration with… his son, Wyatt Russell.

Despite a tiny appearance in Los Angeles 2013 as a child, Wyatt Russell will star alongside his father for the first time. Very far from having, for the moment, the same career as his father, Wyatt Russell is given more and more important roles. Like his dad before him, he joined the Marvel Family with Falcon and the Winter Soldier in which he plays John Walker.

Despite< strong>the strong possibility that they will play a father and a son, nothing has been confirmed regarding their respective roles. Kurt Russell has already shared the poster with his daughter-in-law Kate Hudson in Deepwater in 2016. If for the moment no image of this series whose official name we do not yet know has been revealed, we are eagerly awaiting a first visual indication that could give us an idea of ​​this ambitious project.

Created by Chris Black, who worked on the screenplay of numerous series including Severance and Desperate Housewives of which he is also a producer, and by Matt Fraction, screenwriter of the comic strip Hawkeye, among others. For the moment, the release date remains unknown.


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