Gone with the wind: in China, the woman decided to shame the weather forecasters and inadvertently opened the door

Унесенная ветром: в Китае женщина решила пристыдить синоптиков и неосторожно открыла дверь

In China, the inhabitants of which are a lot of different fictions, sometimes not quite clear, recently there was another curious case.

It was a popular edition of the China People’s Daily.

It is reported that a resident of the city of Qingdao (Shandong province) decided to refute the message of weather forecasters about the strong wind, though to remove it all on video.

Without hesitation, she turned on the video camera, opened the door and was going to say, “Well, you see how the raging elements”, but the wind was so powerful that woman just threw it out.

After flying a few meters, the woman returned to the house humiliated.

Fortunately, the wind didn’t hurt her, and the lady together with friends laughed at this.

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