“Good evening bandits.” Why the film “Maxim Osa” is a must see

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  • « Good evening bandits. Why is the movie


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  • « Good evening, bandits. Why is the movie

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The first Ukrainian film based on a comic book turned out to be multi-genre – it's noir, western, detective, mysticism … And also “Maxim Osa-2” suggests itself.

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Since October 13, the film “Maxim the Wasp and the Gold of Pesigolovets” is already on the screens of Ukraine. Focus already wrote about the difficult creation of a picture based on the comic book “Maxim Osa: Gold of the Doghead” (the film was filmed for nine years). Director Miroslav Latik (“Kings of Rap”) managed to transform the plot of the comic book into a coherent story about a daring robbery spectacularly arranged as a mystical incident in the premiere film.

The image of the Cossack investigator Maxim Osa is the main success of the tape. In general, the Wasp is a kind of Cossack Sherlock Holmes, there is even a cradle-tube. The output turned out to be a colorful character who may well become a cross-cutting for the new film cycle – the hero of Vasily Kukharsky (“Toloka”) should please everyone.

« Good evening, bandits.

Osa is a moderately brutal Cossack, naturalistic, strong and, moreover, not without foppishness – Jimi Hendrix can envy his leather jacket. He has a good mind and fights even better – cooler than Jason Statham – a group of our stuntmen with Hollywood experience tried. Just like in “Kings of Rap”, director Latik succeeds in dangerous types who are “on you” with death, while they are so “made” that it seems they are lads from a neighboring street. The main character for the viewer is his own kid, but at the same time he is not at all simple. Maxim Osa is not embarrassed when representatives of the gentry, including the prince's daughter, regularly call him “cattle”. At the same time, the dignity of a self-confident professional warrior is felt in every movement of the Cossack. He has a clear strong-willed orientation: if he sees the goal, he does not turn off. Like a torpedo.

The two fights in the film staged by the best stuntman of Ukraine Pavel Avilov (“300 Spartans: The Rise of an Empire”, “Zakhar Berkut”), with whom we interviewed, are symphonies or poems of trick art. Both fights in the tavern are excellently filmed.

« Good evening, bandits. Why is the movie

< p>The first fight – in tense silence, the second – under expressive rhythmic electronic music. This episode has a “stopped time effect” – a deadly scene is shown in slow motion, in which the enemies do not keep up with the main character, and he is like a fish in water in this situation. Again, there is a similar effect in the movie Wild Card with Statham, where the bodyguard hero laid down several members of the mafia who were trying to kill him. Unlike American products, Ukrainian ones also have comedic elements, for example, when Wasp's gun misfires, the Cossack simply throws it at the bouncer's head. And the very greeting at the entrance to the tavern: “Good evening, bandits” is more in the tradition of a western, where there is enough black humor.

Latik also succeeded in the atmosphere of suspense in the film: an uncomfortable castle, a swamp, a forest, a cemetery, and in the midst of all this darkness – a cruel and mysterious murder of a detachment of Cossacks transporting the gold of the Polish king. All together it refers to “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. But to be more precise – then to the serial film adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch. The Wasp's pipe is a direct reference to the Holmes created by Conan Doyle, and the mystical tricks with their “scientific” exposure are to the BBC mini-series. A special place in creating an unsettling atmosphere in our feed is occupied by the electronic music of the Italian composer Dario Vero (arranged by Maxim Yachmenya), collaborating with Netflix: it accurately illustrates and complements what is happening on the screen.

The thriller creates a luxurious image of a young wife Prince – the red beast Helena (Olga Makeeva), she is the source of endless intrigues, like Milady in The Three Musketeers.

« Good evening, bandits. Why is the movie

< p>Her stepdaughter Marinka (Albina Korzh) is arrogant, quick-tempered, aggressive, but honest and, most importantly, sexy. A spark flares up between her and Maxim, but this love line, unfortunately, did not continue.

« Good evening, bandits.

Marinka loves fencing and she was very angry with Wasp's remark: “A woman with a sword is like a mare with horns.” Both women ingeniously compete with each other for the attention of the Polish prince.

« Good evening, bandits. Why is the movie

< p> The disadvantages of the tape include the predictability of actions and romantic clich├ęs – for example, the presence of an ingenuous and physically powerful moron Andrzejka (Vladimir Gurin), as in “Notre Dame Cathedral” or “The Name of the Rose”. But the story of the forest witch Martha (Anastasia Mikhalchuk) is quite original: the witch regularly appears in the film as a mysterious witness to the crime.

In the finale, all ends meet, but I would like more action and fights, especially since Wasps are so good at dealing with enemies. The continuation of “Maxim Osa-2” suggests itself.