Good news for seniors. A double transfer will be sent to them soon. When should it be expected

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Double transfer will go to seniors. When exactly?

Good news for seniors. They will receive a double transfer soon. When should you expect it

According to the “Interia” portal, seniors will soon receive a double transfer from the Social Insurance Institution. The date is known when double the money will supply the household budgets of Polish pensioners. How much more will affect the accounts of Poles?

Double payment will go to senior accounts

Already in April 2023, senior accounts thirteenth pension. The supplement is paid annually on the same terms. Thirteen is paid to all pensioners, regardless of the amount of benefits they receive. This is possible due to the fact that the legislator did not introduce an income threshold in this case.

It will be paid in the amount of the minimum old-age pension that will apply after the March valorisation. In order to receive the thirteenth pension, seniors do not have to submit any application, because the benefit is paid automatically, together with the April pension or pension.

The supplement will go to all seniors who as of March 31, 2023 will have an established right to the benefit. The thirteenth pension will be paid to seniors in the gross amount of PLN 1,588.44. They will receive PLN 1,445.48 on hand.

Good news for seniors. They will receive a double transfer soon. When to expect it

Should you expect fourteen in 2023?

The Minister of Family and Social Policy announced some time ago that in 2023 seniors will receive not only the thirteenth but also the fourteenth pension. It can be expected that the assumptions for the payment of this benefit will not differ significantly from what we have dealt with in previous years.

Unlike the thirteenth pension, the fourteenth will be paid in full only to those seniors who pensions and disability pensions do not exceed the established income threshold. After exceeding it, the allowance will be paid in accordance with the “PLN for PLN” principle. And this benefit will be paid automatically, without the need to submit an application.

Good news for seniors. They will soon receive a double bank transfer. When it is due expect

Do you think that thanks to these additions, it will be possible to improve the situation of seniors?

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