“Goodbye Germany”: seriously ill couple is looking for happiness in Turkey

“Goodbye Germany”: seriously ill couple is looking for happiness in Turkey

“Goodbye Germany”: seriously ill couple is looking for happiness in Turkey

Updated on December 7, 2020, 10:30 p.m.

    First she fell in love with the country, then with one of the residents: “Goodbye Germany!” accompanied a card reader on her new beginning in Turkey.
    Also in the Turkey special of the VOX series: a young, seriously ill couple who wanted to start a new life.
    The “Goodbye Germany” fans criticized the emigrants even before they were broadcast, sometimes sharply online.

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“Enjoy the time we have left” – want that Sammy Lampert and his girlfriend Josephine Natterwhose first steps in their new adopted home Antalya the VOX emigrant show “Goodbye Germany!” documented. Both are seriously ill – his pancreas was irreparably injured in a car accident 18 years ago, so that as a diabetic he is now dependent on insulin; Josy, on the other hand, has had a heart defect since she was born and knows that at some point she will need a heart transplant.

With their move, they both hoped for a life away from the German hamster wheel and positive effects on health due to the mild climate. As they had done in Germany and Austria, they wanted to go to the Turkey open a shop for balloons and other party decorations, but take it slower overall.

“Goodbye Germany” (VOX): German map reader loves Turkish riding instructors

The newly in love fortune teller also wanted to take a deep breath in Turkey Natascha Auerwho was never really happy in her 22-year marriage to a South Tyrolean because his family always rejected the German. It was of course not planned that she would fall in love with her riding instructor on vacation – but now after three months she was sure: with Yavuz Arin she wanted to stay together for the rest of her life, despite all prophecies of doom around her.

In the Turkey are all just after their money, is one of the warnings she received. Also on the social media portals of “Goodbye Germany“There were doubters among the commentators who assumed that Yavuz was only keen on a German residence permit.

Overcoming language problems

In addition, Natascha as well as Samy and Josy only knew a few words in Turkish, which is why you could read that they were “naive” or even “stupid”. But all three willing to emigrate knew how to help each other: While Yavuz and Natascha, as she laughed, had developed a kind of “own English” together, “which almost nobody understands here”, Sammy and Josy had installed a translation app on their mobile phones that did a good job – for example, when Sammy had to have his blood sugar checked at the pharmacy because his measuring device was off Germany had not yet arrived. Or when it came to installing an air conditioner in their somewhat shabby apartment building.

Josy didn’t think that they were tinkering around on her 22nd birthday, of all places. At least Sammy was able to cheer her up with a cake on which a photo of the two was printed – he had been able to organize the surprise secretly, even though they sat on each other for almost 24 hours a day. A serious scooter accident caused further excitement later, but both were lucky and got away with a few broken bones, grazes and cuts. “It was really just past a paraplegia,” said Sammy, heavily relieved.

Marriage proposal by the sea

Natascha’s greatest fears – would her husband from South Tyrol consent to the divorce and would Yavuz’s family like her – fortunately turned out to be unfounded. The divorce went off peacefully, but it left a bitter aftertaste due to the rejection of her 21-year-old son, who did not agree with his mother’s plans and did not want to talk to her.

That’s it! Natascha is sure of that with Yavuz.

The visit to Yavuz’s family in Izmir on the other hand it became a highlight: Natascha was welcomed as warmly as she had always wanted from her ex-in-laws. She was even allowed to sleep in a room with Yavuz, although this would traditionally only have been granted to a married couple. But what wasn’t, could still happen: Towards the end of the show, Yavuz proposed to his loved one by the sea, the wedding followed, as Natascha’s Facebook account reveals, in April of this year.

The show itself was shot in late summer and autumn 2019, but the couple still seem to be happy together. Sammy and Josy also seem to have gained a foothold in Turkey – even if they did not open the planned balloon business. Instead, they took over the marketing for a merger of Turkish beauty clinics. To be continued – presumably to be seen one day VOX.
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