Google agrees to pay French media outlets for sharing its news

Google agrees to pay French media outlets for sharing their news

Historic agreement in France . Google has finally agreed to abide by European laws and pay French media for the right to share their news on its browser.

The American multinational has reached an agreement with the French Competition Authority after negotiations that have lasted for three years. The technology company was fined 500 million euros in July 2021 for violating the law on related rights by not negotiating “in good faith” a remuneration with the publishers of country press.

“The Authority considers that the commitments proposed by Google are sufficient to address the competition concerns expressed and are of a substantial, credible and verifiable nature,” the French public entity announced in a statement in the which has added that the agreement covers the next five years with the possibility of renewal for another five.

Pioneer case in the EU

The agreement closes an open dispute in 2019, when France was the first country of the European Union (EU) in adopting the community directive that obliges internet platformsto remunerate the media that create the contents in concept of related rights. Part of Google's business goes through its search engine, which overwhelmingly dominates that market with almost 93% of the world share. is there where it indexes news from many media outlets that are fighting to be at the top of the list to ensure more visits. Google seeks to retain more and more users on its page, not on the websites it adds, a behavior accused of being monopolistic.

However, Google did not comply. with European guidelines. The Alliance of the General Interest Press (APIG), an entity that brings together French newspaper editors, the Syndicate of French Magazine Editors (SEPM) and the AFP news agency alerted the authorities that Google had ; to position of profile.

That attitude took The authorities to sanction the technology giant from Silicon Valley with a fine of 500 million euros for not duly compensating press publishers for using their content, forcing it to submit an offer to reach the agreement closed this Tuesday.

Facebook has already arrived; He agreed to an agreement with the Alliance of the French General Interest Press to pay for related rights of newspapers as well. as well as for the creation of Facebook News in the country. In February of last year, the social giant announced the payment of 822 million euros to media outlets around the world to be able to use their news content. One more step to reward the world of communication.