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Google and Xiaomi phones have a handy hidden button!

You have a Xiaomi or Google Pixel phone? These have a very practical but somewhat hidden button.

Smartphone manufacturers are full of ideas to make us want to buy their latest model on sale. Among the best-known brands in the world, some stand out by offering quite new and surprising features. This is particularly the case for Xiaomi and Google phones. Several users have recently found this to be the case. a new button that they never suspected until now! We also find it on certain smartphones from the Motorola brand, which has made a nice comeback in France in recent months.

This button thus acts as a sort of shortcut giving access to à many features. But although it may be very practical, it nevertheless remains relatively hidden, even though it is exposed to the public. à in full view of everyone: it is indeed located à on the back of the phones. It must be said that this is not a physical button that you can press and feel pressure like the volume and # buttons 39;s diet. This is a fully digital feature, requiring just a double tap to do so. the back of your device to use it! However, the latter is not available by default, and you need to tweak a little to be able to activate it on a daily basis.

Google and Xiaomi phones have a handy hidden button!

Explanations. To activate the option first, go to your phone's settings and the “system” tab. th same". Then select the "gestures and movements" or simply "gestures". If your phone has this option, then you should find a part called “double tap to launch actions”. By activating the latter, you will then be able to use the new button located on the screen. behind your phone. By tapping it twice with your finger, you can perform an action of your choice.

Which ? A multitude of actions are available to you you: take a screenshot, trigger the voice assistant, play or pause your music, open an application of your choice… The possibilities ;s remain quite numerous. It is also possible to adjust the intensity of the light. &agrav; which you must tap twice on the back of the phone if you ever find that this button is activated too easily and especially by mistake in your pocket or bag.

Also note that this hidden button is also available on recent iPhone models. To activate it, you will need to go to the "Settings" option. > "Accessibility" > "Touch", then "Tap the back of the device".  You can then assign an action to tapping the back of the device twice or three times. your iPhone.

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