Google banned: ORDLO decided that the search engine is engaged in “persecution of Russians”


    Google was banned: ORDLO decided that the search engine is engaged in

    The militants said that they could cancel the blocking of the popular search engine if its owners start to respect them.

    On July 22, the press service of Donetsk militant leader Denis Pushilin reported that called “DNR” blocked access to the Google search service.

    Pushilin said that the reason for the blocking was “real harassment of Russians, the imposition of lies and disinformation.”

    A day earlier, Google was blocked in the “LPR” “.

    “War is not only rockets that fly at our cities, but also a flurry of fakes and disinformation that we are bombarded with from Ukraine,” said the leader of the Luhansk militants, Leonid Pasechnik. unfortunately, Google is becoming: the number of fakes and extremist materials is only increasing here, and no fines or court decisions play a role for them.”

    Pasechnik accused Google of “targeted propaganda of terrorism and extremism.”

    “We don't need such information “arrivals”: neither from Ukraine, nor from s of the West. We can do it without Google. They will improve, they will start to respect people – we will think about returning,” he said.


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