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Google begs its users to

If passwords have been around for a long time a standard on the Internet, these are becoming more and more obsolete. The giant Google is now asking for help. its users to change method.

Have the passwords that were supposed to protect us for years become dangerous? In any case, this is what emerges from a recent news story. recent news regarding Google. The tech giant is increasingly pushing its users to do more. change their habits when it comes to cyber security by emphasizing the dangerousness of growing number of passwords the old one.

When you log in to a site or an application, it is now established that you must have a username and password that only you must know. A first problem naturally arises: the complexity of the of your password. Every year, there are numerous reports of a multitude of weak and widely used passwords.

Whether it's the traditional "0000" or a series of letters in alphabetical order, many Internet users underestimate the capacity of the letter. hackers access to their personal data. Add to; This is the bad habit of users who use the same password on a multitude of sites, and you will understand Google's concerns.

But if the Mountain View firm warns against passwords, it is obviously because it has a ready-made solution: passkeys.

Google begs its users to stop using passwords, it has a much more reliable solution

This technology, relatively recent and not widely democratized, is nevertheless already widely used. very present within Google applications or even the iPhone. When you create a new account, your smartphone may offer you three choices:

  • Create your own password
  • Use a password suggested pass and relatively secure
  • Use a passkey

If the "passkey" If you choose, Google will now use the method of locking your phone to connect you to the service you are registered for. This could be facial recognition or thumbprint. You will then be able to access your new service without having to type the slightest letter on your keyboard! A solution to both practical and much more secure than old passwords since it is directly linked to your password. your identity and cannot be copied again. write it down.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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