Google gives the green light to the libertarian social network Parler

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Google gives the green light to the libertarian social network Parler

The Parler social network is especially popular with the American conservative right.

Google on Friday ended the suspension of the social network Parler, frequented by the American conservative right and which had been ousted from the platform for downloading applications after the attack on the Capitol in January 2021.

At that time, Google referred to Parler's overly lax moderation policy for content inciting violence.

All apps on Google Play that allow content creation must have clear moderation practices in place, which Parler has now agreed to do, Google told AFP.

These rules include prohibiting problematic content, providing a system for reporting problematic content, taking action when necessary against such content, and removing and blocking users that violate the terms of the app, a spokesperson detailed.

Parler's popularity had suddenly skyrocketed after Donald Trump was permanently ousted from Twitter shortly after the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Apple and Google, deploring increasing threats of violence and illegal activity on Parler, quickly removed it from their download platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS) had also decided to no longer host it on its servers, effectively ostracizing the social network.

Talking then put more than one months trying to find a way to get back online. Apple again accepted Speak on the App Store in April 2021.

If Google no longer accepted the social network on Google Play, its followers could still, on phones with Google's Android operating system, access it by downloading the application directly from the Parler website.

The social network created by Donald Trump and launched at the end of February, Truth Social, for its part, is still not accepted on Google Play.

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