Google now has more room to grow in Montreal with new offices

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Google now has more space to grow in Montreal with new offices

Google employs more than 300 people in Montreal and its new offices could accommodate up to 1,000 people.

With its new offices, Google has more space to expand in Montreal, says Jean-Phillipe Gauthier, Director of Platforms and spokesperson for Google Montreal.

Google officially unveiled its new Montreal offices on Wednesday. The California-based company employs more than 300 people in the metropolis, but its new facilities could accommodate up to 1,000. The company also has options that would allow it to rent more space on a longer term , as needed.

We needed a building that would allow us to grow and McGill College [the street where the old offices were located] did not allow us to grow. That's why we moved.

“It's a bit of a &#x27 ;'catch 22''. If you don't have space, it's more difficult to convince teams around the world to come and settle here in Montreal.

—Jean-Phillipe Gauthier, spokesperson for Google Montreal

Google Canada, however, has no difficulty recruiting, despite the scarcity of skilled labor in the tech sector, says Mr. Gauthier, who says, however, spends a lot of time meeting potential employees. I would say that 50% of my job is having coffees with people to see if they would be a ''fit' ' at Google. I don't think it's difficult [to recruit], you just have to make a lot of coffee.

Bill 96, which aims to strengthen the use of French in the workplace in Quebec, has not harmed recruitment efforts. Several companies in the technology sector, including the CEOs of Stingray and Coveo, had expressed their concerns. They feared that the law would discourage some candidates in a context of labor scarcity.

The language law has had no impact on Google Canada, says Mr. Gauthier, who declined to comment on it. For some people it might have an impact, but in our case it didn't really have an impact.

At 300 employees, Google Montreal represents a small part of the approximately 150,000 employees of the multinational, which, in addition to the browser of the same name, notably operates the YouTube platform, cloud computing solutions and the Android operating system.

The expertise of Google's Montreal team is mainly in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. A significant part of the cybersecurity measures surrounding the Chrome browser are made in Montreal, explains Mr. Gauthier.

Thanks to the work of the Montreal team, the company sends nearly 250 millions of alerts each month to its users in order to avoid computer fraud, including phishing. We always try to warn users and prevent the attack.

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