Google will finally unlock the Bluetooth option of Stadia game controllers

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Google will finally unlock the Bluetooth option for Stadia gamepads

Thanks to the Bluetooth option, Google Stradia controllers avoid becoming abandoned electronic components.

Good news for people who had subscribed to the defunct cloud video game platform (< em>cloud gaming) Google Stadia: The web giant has announced that it will finally unlock Bluetooth, allowing gamers to give it a second life on other consoles.

< p class="e-p">Launched in November 2019, the on-demand video game platform [did] not generate the interest [the development team] expected from users, according to Vice -Stadia President and CEO, Phil Harrison. The company thus announced three years later the disconnection of its service.

On this occasion, Phil Harrison had reassured the followers of the service by notifying them of the reimbursement of all games and content purchased on the store.

The Google Stadia team continues to stretch the sauce. Indeed, a new game, titled Worm Game, has just appeared on the platform.

This is a snake game that has been designed even before the platform was released, according to Randroid media. This served as a test bed for developers wishing to try out new features.

This is the last game to appear on the platform, the closing of which complete is scheduled for January 18, 2023.

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