Google will provide access to tens of thousands of digitized ancient books

Google откроет доступ к десяткам тысяч оцифрованных старинных книг

Digitized book of the XVI-XIX centuries will be freely available on Google Play Books

The world of digital books is incredibly huge, but today there is a library of written materials of the XVI-XIX centuries, which are still not digitized and not available. In the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp store more than 25 000 early printed books. Google now will work in partnership with the Belgian city to digitize over 32,000 books from the Museum, and also 60 000 books from the Library, the legacy of Hendrik, report “Comments”.

Once the project is completed, will be more than 100 000 international papers published in the XVI-XIX centuries in digital format. And because these works no longer subject to copyright, users will be able to obtain free access to them in Google Play Books. The scanned books will be available for full-text search, so they will be easy to use for research or even to read at your leisure. Imagine all of these classical works can be accessed on your mobile device.

The process of digitization will begin in 2021, since Google and the authorities of Antwerp it is necessary to establish logistical processes. They also don’t want to completely close the Museum and library, so it will probably take three years to complete the project. Visitors will still be allowed to visit and view the books, so the process will be slow.

Books to be digitized will be shipped from Antwerp to the European centre for digitization Google. After each book is scanned, a digital copy is immediately uploaded to Libraries will also receive a digital copy to be included in their own directories. It will be hard work, but scientists, researchers, and casual readers of classical literature will definitely be grateful.

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