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Google would plan a feature already heavily criticized for its future Pixel phones

Through an information leak revealed by AndroidAuthority, the next updates will be released. Updated Google Pixel phones would add functionality already strongly criticized.

Google has already given Join us for the official announcement of its next Pixel phones. On August 13, the firm plans to organize a large conference to fully unveil the Google Pixel 9 as well as new low-end features. studies on artificial intelligence.

While the new Google Pixel 9 and Google Pixel 9 Pro have already leaked widely on the web, this was not yet the case for announcements concerning Google's AI. This is now done thanks to the AndroidAuthority site, which was able to get its hands on several internal documents detailing the new features coming to Pixel phones. All grouped under the heading “Google AI”, we find in particular several functions already well-known, but also new ones that are already controversial.

Your Google phone will enrich your screenshots

The functionality "Pixel Screenshots" can seem a little unclear in how it works. To summarize, it allows you to allows your Google Pixel phone to add multiple metadata to the screenshots you take. nbsp;Thus, a capture of your screen could be provided with hypertext links, the name of the captured apps, etc… This will then allow Google's AI allows you to easily find your screenshots by searching for applications or links present on the image.

Google would plan a feature already heavily criticized for its future Pixel phones

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This feature is reminiscent of another one already in existence. present in the latest Windows PCs equipped with AI Copilot. Much criticized at the time of its announcement, it allowed for your computer to constantly record what you do on your screen in order to easily find past information via AI.

Google explains, however, that its functionality "Pixel Screenshots" runs entirely locally on your phone and no data is sent to other locations. possible servers. You will therefore have to wait until August 13 for the manufacturer's official conference and see what it's all about.

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