Google's Pixel 6a mobile can now be reserved


    Google's Pixel 6a mobile can now be booked

    The company Google announced at his last I/O conference the imminent launch of the phonePixel 6a and the Pixel Buds Pro headphones, both products can be reserved from today The Pixel 6a has a starting price of 459€, while the Pixel Buds Pro will cost 219€.


    The Pixel 6a has a Google Tensor processor that, according to the company's own sources, allows a phone with high-end features to be put on the market but at an affordable price. A good example of the capabilities of the device are the new functionalities that it integrates, such as: Instant Translation that allows you to work with it even without coverage or the Magic Eraser that provides practical utility and creative possibilities. For example, it is very difficult to find a deserted beach but, thanks to Magic Eraser, in all the vacation photos it seems that the user has the whole beach to himself. It also allows you to take photos that are a bit extravagant, for example, children on a swing and make it disappear so that it seems that they are flying. The possibilities are many and fun.

     Note that like the previous models in the series, the 6a excels in computational photography, supported by the Google Tensor processor. It also has the same post-processing algorithms as its big brothers, allowing for Real Tone-like camera experiences. The same security architecture as the brand's flagship phones, including the Titan M2 security chip and multiple layers of hardware protection. And, as the hardwar platforme is common, the Pixel 6a will offer more. Also five years of security updates since it was listed on, exactly the same as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

    Innovative headphone technology

    The Pixel Buds Pro include Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC, which consists of generating additional noise of opposite sign, with which an interference is produced that cancels the noise around us. This process is more effective the faster the headphones can pick up outside noise and calculate an inverse sound wave. so that, to speed up this process, Google decided to use custom speakers and a 6-core audio chip with proprietary algorithms. Thanks to which the environment becomes silent and it is possible to fully immerse yourself in music, or conversation.

    Once the technology was created, it was thought in a suitable mould. Each person's ear canals are unique, so the tips of the earphones do not always provide a perfect seal. And the problem is that the sound that filters in from the outside affects the listening experience. To prevent the entry of undesirable sounds, Silent Seal —fits the ear— and several sizes of tips have been developed for the Pixel Buds Pro. The experience is optimal, whether listening to music or a podcast or making a phone call .

    For the moments in which it is important to be aware of what is happening around us; For example, when crossing a street, the ambient sound mode is very useful. This mode uses the same low latency engine as Active Noise Cancellation, but in this case to quickly process and let through all the sounds that the headphones pick up in the environment.


    Both devices can already be reserved in the Google Store or Amazon (Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro) and will begin to be marketed on July 28.


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