Goryansky talked about Ruslana Pysanka's treatment in Germany


July 22, 2022, 14:37 | Culture

The news of the death of Ruslana Pysanka stirred up all of Ukraine.

Gorjanskij spoke about the treatment of Ruslana Pisanka in Germany< /p>

Her colleague Vladyslav Goryanskyi said that in Germany the celebrity underwent surgery and got better, informs Ukr.Media.

The actor was friends with Ruslana and they worked with her in the theater and on TV. Ruslana had a busy schedule and was greatly affected by the recent death of her mother. Goryansky noted that many times he asked Ruslana to rest more, but she was always a workaholic. In addition to work, the celebrity was very worried about her sick mother:

"She had a very sick mother. She died a month ago. This death had a huge impact on Ruslana. Everything accumulated in her and resulted in a sad ending.

Pysanka left for Germany, because she thought that they would help her heal there. A few days ago, Goryansky talked with the actress and she was cheerful as always.

"The other day she underwent a successful operation. I talked to her, she was cheerful, as if everything was normal and did not portend any tragedy. And at night she got sick and that's all,” recalls Vladyslav.

It should be noted that Ruslana's health problems began in winter. She then lost consciousness during the performance, fell and broke her leg. And before that, she also lost consciousness. Apparently, these were symptoms of the disease, but Ruslana and her colleagues did not understand this.


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