Government will start the Indómita project in San Pedro de Macorís

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  • Government will start the Indómita project in San Pedro de Macorís

    Juan Vila, Vice Minister of Sports, extreme left, during his speech in the San Pedro de Macoris Declaration on the Indómita RD project.

The Dominican Government announced the This Thursday the start of the Indómita RD project in a pilot plan that will have more than 1,000 years. The San Pedro de Macoris province is the starting point.

The coordination of the project is in charge of the project. This was carried out by the Ministries of Sports and Education, and the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI), entities that organized a press conference in the Olympic Village of the Sultana del Este Sports Complex.< /p>

The Vice Minister of Sports Juan Vila, representing Minister Francisco Camacho, was in charge and gave the central words of the act, in addition to reading the official statement. the Declaration of San Pedro de Macoris on the Indómita RD project, which is a State initiative to promote School Sports and Community Sports throughout the country, through millions of children and adolescents, both from the male and female branches, in the more than 10 public and private schools throughout the country. that within the primary objectives of Indómita RD is the promote the psychomotor development of students by promoting the creation of School Sports Clubs in schools and colleges in eight disciplines such as chess, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, table tennis and athletics.

In addition to the creation in each Educational District of a School Sports Initiation Center (CIDE); the installation of an East Regional Campus of the Training School for School Sports Prospects; and the Training School for School Athletes, all coordinated by trained technicians from the Ministries of Sports and Education, and INEFI.

Equally, he pointed out That “at the international level they will promote the participation of school champions each year in the eight curricular sports selected in competitions with champions from other countries such as the United States and the Dominican Diaspora.

Next to Vila at the main table were different authorities such as Aracelis Villanueva, Provincial Governor of San Pedro de Macoris; Isidro Santana, Regional Director of Education; Alonzo Ortiz, representative of INEFI; Jose Ovalle, coordinator of the Indómita program by the Ministry of Sports; and Santiago Valverde, representative of the private sector.

He said that “we will seek the integration in sport and physical activity of all citizens, boys and girls from schools and schools to discover talents, and so on. take them to high competition.”

Also Vice Ministers of Sports Leopoldo Portes, Franklin De la Mota, Kennedy Vargas, Johnny Peña and Elvis Duarte, and the Immortals Evaristo Pérez, Eida Joaquín and Fernando Teruel.

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