Governor General's Spending: Mary Simon Would Consider Changes

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Governor General's Spending: Mary Simon Would Consider Changes

< p class="styled__StyledLegend-sc-v64krj-0 cfqhYM">Mary Simon said she hoped that members of the House of Commons could shed light on this “misunderstanding”.

Canada's Governor General Mary Simon says that while she finds the way food expenses from her trip to the Middle East were portrayed in the media as “unfair”, March, however, an investigation is underway to minimize future travel costs.

I don't even know what the orders are for meals. But I do know one thing – our meals aren't very extravagant on these trips. These are very much the equivalent of meals served on planes and the way these were portrayed in the media was something unfair, I believe, she said during a interview on CBC's The House.

The National Postfirst reported on the matter of expenses related to the Governor General's trip, during which she spent time in London, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. The Department of Defense, which handles food and beverages on board diplomatic flights, said the eight-day official trip resulted in costs of approximately $80,000.


Always on the show The House, Simon said her office shares Canadians' concerns about travel costs and is working with Global Affairs Canada and Defense to reduce future travel costs.

The month Last, Stewart Wheeler, who is Canada's chief of protocol at Global Affairs, said some elements of the flight were problematic. MPs expressed confusion over the fees and Conservative Pierre Paul-Hus wanted to know if there had been any excesses.

Christine MacIntyre, Assistant Secretary to the Governor General, told MPs that Rideau Hall was also surprised and worried about the fees.

The costs shocked us all, said she indicated.

“We ate eggs. We had omelets.

—Christine MacIntyre, Assistant Secretary to the Governor General

In a statement provided to the CBC, Defense said an interdepartmental working group was being created to put in place measures to achieve the highest value, at the time. coming. The ministry said the cost of food and beverages was affected by several factors, including the exchange rate and location of stopovers, in addition to the number and type of catering companies available.

The Governor General recalled that she had traveled at the request of the Prime Minister.

I don't just grab my suitcase and go where I want, she mentioned. Each trip must be meticulously organized. The objectives of the trip must be clearly defined.

Ms. Simon said she expects another parliamentary committee meeting on this trip, and hopes members can continue to shed light on the misunderstanding.

I think people need to understand, first of all, that I am not taking office as a light, and then I would like to accomplish them in the most frugal way possible. But we do travel a lot and that is an essential part of this job, she said.

The Governor General reiterated that she does not; had played no role in organizing the trips, but rather focused on the purpose of her travels, which was to advance peace in the the world.

With information from CBC News

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