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On October 10, the Natural History Museum in London revealed the overall winner of the 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Among the 19 finalists, discover the most beautiful photos from this international wild and environmental wildlife photography competition.

The winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 Magazine

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Grand prix Wildlife Photographer of the Year: The ancient mariner by Laurent Ballesta, France

Winner of the Rising Star Portfolio Award and Grand Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

Marine biologist and photographer who has devoted his time to his life exploring the oceans, Laurent Ballesta set out to explore the oceans. searching for horseshoe crabs in the protected waters of Pangatalan Island in the Philippines. The Frenchman gives us here a photograph of a three-toed horseshoe crab which, with its protective golden shell hiding 12 appendages, moves slowly on the mud. If it has survived for more than 100 million years, it is today confronted with the destruction of its habitat and overfishing. Location: &Pangatalan Island, Palawan, Philippines.
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