Green Lantern: the series starts from scratch after losing its screenwriter

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Green Lantern, the HBO Max series about the DC superhero, just lost its screenwriter and therefore has to start from scratch.

The series dedicated to the DC universe have multiplied for almost ten years, but struggle to offer quality entertainment. Thus, the CW channel demonstrates that quantity regularly rhymes with mediocrity since it broadcasts a plethora of content all devoid of interest (from Flash to Stargirl) around superheroes of the firm. As for HBO Max, its slightly more elaborate programs clearly lack consistency, such as Titans and Doom Patrol, undoubtedly their best production.

However, the platform launched a series a few years ago around the Green Lanterns, these famous heroes who are members of the forces of cosmic order. A feature film was dedicated to the most famous of them, namely Hal Jordan, in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern and if this Green Lantern was almost a good superhero film, it had unfortunately failed in large widths. As for the Green Lanternfrom HBO Max, the project had found its director. However, while the DCEU has found its Kevin Feige, HBO Max must now review everything for its series following multiple internal turmoil, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Indeed, screenwriter and supervisor Seth Grahame-Smith, who had already given birth to the script for the first season, decided to leave the series. Seth Grahame-Smith would have had trouble digesting several upheavals at HBO Max and Warner.This departure triggered a real thunderclap for HBO Max, which had to completely rethink the concept of the series and its protagonists. Originally, HBO Max's Green Lantern storyline was to revolve around heroes Alan Scott and Guy Gardner. The production had also found an interpreter for Guy Garder (Finn Wittrock) and for Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine), but Seth Grahame-Smith's decision prompted HBO Max to radically change tack.

The main character of the series will now be John Stewart. Drawn from the features of comedian Sidney Poitier and created in the early 70s, John Stewart was one of the first African-American superheroes in the history of comic books. Thus, John Stewart symbolizes the inclusiveness of this superheroic group. Comics, on the other hand, have successfully overcome all forms of discrimination over the years, thus aligning with the values ​​advocated by the intergalactic and universalist body of the Green Lanterns… and the writers. For example, Alan Scott openly displayed his homosexuality.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Another notable point, the choice of John Stewart for the series also corresponds to the departure of Walter Hamada from the direction of DC Comics. Despite the departure of Seth Grahame-Smith, the producers were able to keep Alan Scott and Guy Garder as the main figures of the program. Let's hope in this case that this choice has nothing to do with political squabbles at HBO Max and Warner, as it seems relevant.

A choice of elsewhere considered by CW since the chain was inspired by the Green Lantern for the character of John Diggle in Arrow. But for the moment back to square one for HBO Max which has not yet fixed shooting date and even less release for his series.

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