Greenbelt: Doug Ford Says He Did Nothing Wrong

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Greenbelt: Doug Ford Says He Did Nothing Wrong

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">Premier Doug Ford says he has nothing to be ashamed of on the Greenbelt file.

Premier of the #x27;Ontario, Doug Ford, assures that no one has tipped off the real estate developers on the greenbelt file. The government is facing investigations by the Integrity Commissioner and the Auditor General.

Opposition parties accuse the government, particularly Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark, of conflicts of interest and insider information.

Au the heart of the matter: the fact that real estate developers, donors to the Conservative Party, bought up lots in the greenbelt north of Toronto, where the government then allowed housing construction, which inflated the value of these land.

Reacting publicly for the first time Friday to the launch of the two investigations, Premier Ford denied any connivance.

“No one&#x27 ;warned anyone, I'm convinced.

—Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Mr. Ford repeats that the province wants to allow housing construction in part of the greenbelt because housing needs are dire and will increase with immigration.

The land sold was private, not public, and owners could sell it to whoever they wanted, he adds.

In the past, the progressive leader -conservative had promised never to touch the greenbelt. His government now says plots will be added elsewhere in the belt to make up for the loss of those where construction will be permitted.

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