Greg Yega unknowingly filmed taking drugs, he reacts to shock video

Greg Yega unknowingly filmed taking drugs, he reacts to shock video< /p>

Another blow for Greg Yega. A video where we see him taking drugs goes around the Web. The candidate finally took the floor to explain himself.

In the world of reality TV, scandals follow one another. While some candidates have legal difficulties, others are faced with drug problems. Several months ago, a video showing Greg Yega with white powder on his nose in an episode of the Marseillais in Mexico went around the Web. Today, the young man finds himself again at the heart of all conversations. In a shocking new video, we see Greg taking drugs. Worse still, this time he is smoking heroin.

Very quickly, the principal concerned reacted as you can see above. Wishing to justify himself, Greg Yega declares: “Apparently there are bloggers who want to release a video of me from ten years ago. I had a night out with friends and smoked something that isn’s not good. I was filmed without my knowledge so I find it shameful and pathetic”, before continuing: “They want to hurt me(…) This person who will recognize himself, he must watch the video and see that it dates from ten years ago. Yes nobody is perfect, yes it was a childhood mistake and the video comes out today because I am known. The saddest thing is that. It was my private life, my life before. ยป

Internet users react to Greg Yega's remarks

For Internet users, the conclusion is clear: Greg Yega needs help. It read: “I hope he will seek help from those around him and stop being in denial”, “It is clear that he has problems, must not hide the face “, “That he stops the mythomania, this guy is totally addicted to drugs and it shows”, “10 years with the same face as now. Denial when you hold us… “Go heal yourself my friend!” At this rate you will lose your life my baby. The situation is therefore very serious and many people hope to see the candidate receive the help he needs to get out of it.

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