Group Little Big canceled a tour of Russia


    Little Big Group canceled a tour of Russia

    Little Big

    The Little Big group, whose members opposed the Russian military special operation in Ukraine and left for the United States, announced cancellation of his concert tour in Russia. The musicians announced this on their official Instagram*.

    Brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, our Russian tour We Are Little Big, announced last year, is not possible. We look forward to the next meeting. And remember that we have always loved, love and will love our Motherland and you! — the message says.

    From August to December 2022, the band planned almost 30 performances in Russia, including big concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In June, members of the Little Big group presented a video for their new song Generation Cancellation, in which they opposed the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

    This song — cry from the heart, this is our manifesto. We expressed an opinion, and if someone does not like it — OK. This is our opinion. And here it is not about earning money and not about accumulating an audience. We do not plan to become political activists, but in this context of time we feel obliged to speak out. This is no longer about politics, it is purely human, — said the group's leader Ilya Prusikin in an interview with the Russian service of the BBC publication (blocked in Russia).

    Earlier, the Fontanka publication published a list of undesirable artists, which is distributed among Russian concert organizers. It included musicians who opposed the special operation, many of them went abroad.

    In addition, it became known earlier that concert agencies began to include a clause in their contracts with artists banning political statements from the stage.


    *Instagram is owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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