“Growing influence in the world”: Scholz advocated the expansion of the European Union

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The German chancellor considers the expansion of the EU to the east a victory. But candidates for joining the alliance – Ukraine, Moldova, the countries of the Western Balkans and Georgia – must still fulfill the requirements.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz considers it necessary to expand the European Union, taking into account its geopolitical role. This was reported by the German tabloid Bild following the results of the Chancellor's speech at the congress of the Social Democrats in Berlin.

“The EU, which consists of 27, 30, 36 states with more than 500 million free and equal citizens, can further increase its influence in the world,” he said.

The European Union consists of 27 member states with a total population of about 450 million people, the tabloid clarified.

According to Scholz, the European Union will receive the largest single market, leading research institutions, innovative companies and stable democracies after enlargement. Thanks to this, the alliance will better represent its values.

“The fact that the EU continues to grow eastward is a victory for all of us,” said the head of the German government.

Ukraine, Moldova, the countries of the Western Balkans and Georgia must meet all criteria, he said.

The chancellor called for the abolition of the principle of unanimity in decision-making in foreign and tax policy.

“If our goal is to create a geopolitical Europe, then the decision of the majority is the acquisition, not the loss of sovereignty “, – said Scholz.

The German politician advocated the military independence of the European Union. As the chancellor noted, coordinated purchases of weapons and equipment, the creation of a rapid reaction force by 2025 and the headquarters for the EU armed forces are needed.

Some German deputies are outraged by the insufficient amount of German military assistance to Ukraine. The country ranks 18th in the world among the states that supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Scholz has previously advocated turning the Bundeswehr into the best army in Europe because of Russian threats.