Guatemalans called to vote on a Canadian mining project

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Des Guatemalans called upon to vote on a Canadian mining project

Six voting centers are open for this community consultation.

More than 28,000 Guatemalans in the municipality of Asunción Mita, on the border with El Salvador, are called on Sunday to vote on the gold and silver mining project ;a Canadian mining company, accused by environmentalists of polluting the environment.

Six voting centers are open until 5 p.m. local time for this consultation summoned by the local authorities on the Cerro Blanco mining project, owned by the Bluestone Resources group.

We haven't identified any major irregularities, said Omar Torres of environmental collective Mesa Nacional. A dozen organizations oversee the vote.

Bluestone Resources bought the Cerro Blanco project from Canadian mining company Goldcorp in 2017 for C$23 million plus shares valued at approximately 9.9% stake in Bluestone.

Members of the local Catholic Church and environmental organizations strongly oppose the Cerro Blanco project on the grounds that x27;it risks polluting water and forests in the area.

Localities in Guatemala and El Salvador have expressed concern about possible contamination of waters shared by the two countries via the Güija Lagoon and the Lempa River, the main source of water that feeds San Salvador, the Salvadoran capital. .

The Lempa River, which originates in Guatemala, serves thousands of Guatemalan and Salvadoran peasants. In addition, dozens of fishermen in the lagoon fear a shortage or disappearance of fish.

The main source of concern is the open-pit mining which requires cyanide to separate the precious metals.

The mine's environmental manager, Fredy García, dismissed such fears, assuring AFP that the company has of treatment plants to dispose of toxic waste before discharging liquids into the Ostua River, a tributary of the Güija Lagoon and the Lempa River.

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