Guinean Kaba Keita narrowly avoids expulsion

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Guinea; in Kaba Keita narrowly avoids expulsion

Kaba Keita, this threatened Guinean deportation, received a reprieve at the very last minute before leaving to catch his flight to Montreal.

Kaba Keita, the Guinean threatened with deportation, received a reprieve of a few days from the Canada Border Services Agency as he was leaving Le Continental restaurant in Quebec City to catch his flight to Montreal.

A ministerial intervention was really missing to minimally operate the reprieve. […] The important thing there for everyone, I think, was that Mr. Keita could sleep in his bed with his wife this evening, underlines his lawyer Maxime Lapointe.

He is now waiting to obtain the temporary residence permit to then have the work visa. He is convinced that at this stage, things will go quickly.

“This is the greatest victory of all my career! »

— Maxime Lapointe, lawyer specializing in immigration law

Kaba Keita is grateful for all the help he has received. I've always said, I always have hope, it can change at the last minute. Fortunately, it happened. Thank you all Canada. I also thank my boss very much. I thank my lawyer, I thank everyone who has supported me in this struggle.

Kaba Keita entered Canada in 2018 with a visitor status that he has changed to refugee status because he feared his family if he returned to Guinea.

He lost that status this summer when he admitted to the Refugee Status Board that his relationship with his family had improved, according to his attorney. He then received an eviction notice.

Married for three years to Doussou Koulibaly, a Guinean who obtained her permanent residence for ten years, Mr. Keita did not want to return.

With the help of his lawyer, he and his wife filed a sponsorship application, but processing times exceeded the deportation date set for September 16.

Kaba Keita and his wife Doussou Koulibaly during the demonstration in front of Le Continental restaurant.

Kaba Keita has been working at Le Continental restaurant since 2018. His employer Mathieu Pettigrew appreciates him so much that he has decided to support him morally and financially in the process. He is the one who pays the costs related to legal proceedings. He also staged a protest earlier this week in support of his diver.

MP Joel Lightbound also interceded on behalf of Mr. Keita earlier this week. His constituency deputy, Gabriel Bergevin-Estable, says a letter has been sent to ministers Sean Fraser and Marco Mendicino asking the government to suspend his deportation and grant him temporary residence status until the sponsorship application is processed.

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