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Оружейный ценник. Российский

You can very accurately set the amount spent on the production of weapons and military equipment, but only to determine the funds spent on their application. By the way, in the state according to this principle is determined, figuratively speaking, a “caste” of producers and a whole layer of those who destiny is predetermined at the risk of life to use their products. Ultimately, it is the basis of public policy, focused on military issues, what today is called “national security.” Including in the Russian Federation, for example, which is the above-mentioned principle can be seen better than anywhere else. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the power of its armed forces is used as within the Russian state, and beyond, than barely kept pace with the Russian legislation, with which the Kremlin is trying to justify himself in the eyes of the world for interfering in the internal Affairs of neighboring States, for the annexation of the Crimea, etc.

Will not apply to the “Russian world”, as the ideological underpinnings of the Russian Federation. Consider the very “hardware”, that is, the cost to the Russian people his military strenght, tools, as we just noted, within and outside the state. Moreover, we refer to the figures from the press, including a two to three year old. And let’s start with the middle East of Syria, based in the war on outstretched Russia military shoulder. In 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin once said that the Russian Treasury in the first six months of the Syrian military operation has allocated 33 billion rubles, i.e. 156 million rbl. – daily (Jane’s brings his number – from 2.4 million to 4 million dollars. a day; in “Kommersant. Money”, this figure is 2.7 million euros per day). A year earlier, the authoritative Agency Bloomberg, citing reliable government sources voiced a figure of 3.28 million dollars a day).

The defense Ministry is compelled to comment on this use of budget funds, always soothed Russian society following message: the cost for the Syrian campaign clearly fit into the approved estimate for “current activities of combat and operational training of troops”, and all the calculations of independent experts – not only as “taken from the ceiling”. It is difficult to challenge such assurances, because the fighting was not a training on the firing range, and the inspector-financier, as we understand it, did not recheck the accounting estimate of artillery fire or aviabombardirovka.

By the way, about the Russian military aviation, actively plying the Syrian sky. A large gap in the estimates of the cost of the campaign – more than 60 billion roubles due to the same conflicting reports on combat missions in the combat zone. At the time when I first raised this issue, Russia has already lost over a dozen aircraft and seven helicopters worth from 16,94 billion to 19.14 billion. And these figures are not final: the aircraft will continue to be actively used during combat operations to support the Russian contingent of several thousand people, the contents of which spent 5.04 billion roubles, of which 1.86 billion on food (per person-700 rubles per day, multiplied by 885дней), 3,18 billion – per diem (1200 RUB. per person multiplied by the same 885 days). By the way, one of the analysts of the Centre for strategic and military technologies believes that these figures are somewhat exaggerated, because personnel would still have to be on balance of the Ministry of defense, and the soldiers would need to allocate rations.

There is such an article, as payments to the families of the victims. Officially confirmed that Syria killed 44 Russian servicemen, the family of each of them paid 3 million rubles. The total amount is today, 132 million rubles.

But in addition to the personnel of the Russian military personnel in Syria attended by representatives of Russian private military companies, the most famous of them PMC “Wagner”. It is not that other, as the Russian military presence, though informal, designed to accomplish specific objectives for the control of oil and gas. Someone from the representatives of the Moscow Carnegie center once open up, calling vagnerova quality military group, there is always present:

– Cukrzycy was always there: the capture of Palmyra and in many other situations. In fact it is our elite division, and Russia against them, in my opinion, behaving indecently, refusing to admit their losses.

According to the correspondent of one of the most popular Russian Newspapers I. Murtazina, for all time of the military campaign in Syria, the members of the group had killed at least 100 people. For every death, the relatives receive 5 million rubles in cash. I. Murtazin believes that only in 2017 vagnerova in Syria was not less than 2,5 thousand, and they performed their duties together with the Syrians in all parts of the country where the battles were fought. Another Russian analysts believe that in Syria the Russian mercenaries killed ten times more because they fought using outdated weapons, almost subject to disposal. Today vagnerova arming themselves, equipment purchased on the spot and no official accounts are not. Referring to this, the representatives of the Russian defense Ministry does not consider it necessary to comment on, pointing out that PMC is a very lucrative business. But it is silent that vagnerova training at the site of the Ministry of defense, in Syria they are being moved by military boards, and in the case of wounds are treated for free at military hospitals as combatants. That is, the state Treasury of Russia for this category also allocates considerable funds. So, the payments to the families of the dead mercenaries can be from 500 mln. to 5 bln. (dependent upon which is the figure of those killed from 100 to 1000).

It may be indicative of the fact that the allocation of funds for such operation, as the Syrian campaign of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. From the Russian Treasury went from 7.5 to 10 billion rubles And it is unlikely this includes the costs of the two lost planes, an unplanned sorties of carrier-based aircraft.

So even if we start from these and other known facts related to the Syrian fighting the Russians, the direct military expenditures of Russia in Syria are from 172,3 billion to 245,1 billion (without regard to expended funds for “activities” vagnerova). Although the representative of the “Yabloko” I. Bolshakova in this respect a different opinion: the real value of participation of Russia in the Syrian military action may be 1.5 times higher. Why? Because, according to him, unknown and not taken into account the costs of long-range aviation flights, at the latest launches of cruise missiles X-101 (there were reports of the defense Ministry about 40 such launches, the cost of which is not less than the cost of missiles “Caliber”), the transfer of video conferencing and the Navy in the combat area, the deployment of a missile defense system in Syria, training Syrian troops, etc.

The representative “the Apple” adds another Russian expert, Igor Sutyagin, arguing that total figures are understated by about 40%. Because it is not taken into account funds spent on maintaining naval group, depreciation of warships, on the stage of the submarine from the Northern to the Mediterranean sea.

– Of course, we can argue that the money could still be spent on defense, and test (rockets) held elsewhere – agrees Igor Sutyagin. – In Syria, according to official data, has experienced 169 new weapons, RT rifle scopes, cruise missiles of various types as a base, respectively, of the platform for their launch. The su-34 was tested in Syria. It turned out that he is raw and needs work. Complex protection against anti-aircraft missiles and helicopter attack aircraft “Vitebsk” is also checked – he also proved to be ineffective against modern missiles. “The sun” official “baptism of fire” took in Syria “Iskander” there chased – at least, communication system, and deploy there, I tried too. But all this, in my opinion, cunning arithmetic. The money could be spent, and could not be spent, in what place, in addition to Syria, we have been able to plant more than a hundred cruise missiles? The test, of course, would take place, and ships would go, but hardly with the same intensity”.

A. Malashenko of the Moscow Carnegie center sure that any amount received the to state, is for GDP to 11th place in the world, “mnogovato”.

– Do not see the benefits of this campaign, because you can’t see the result, he says. – The fact that when it all began, the Russian support Bashar al-Assad was needed. For the middle East at the time, and now the choice is: either the authoritarian regime, or “Islamic state” and its inherent terrorism. But a good start turned into heavy boomerang. Because when Assad goes, Russia will not be there, and do not understand how there everything will develop. The ideal option in the current situation would be the creation of some of the Pro-Russian coalition or the arrival of a new Pro-Russian dictator, though not with the image. But while Russia is not, despite the triumphant Putin…

… And now let us turn to what could be used in Syria, spent funds from the Russian budget, which even in the formal calculus presented in the Russian community. We noted the amount of 245 billion rubles. This amount of money was distributed among 17 regions for the purification and salvation of the Volga river in a period of eight years. The same amount will cost the cost of the program “Development of culture and tourism” in Russia. This amount is five times more than was spent on the 5-year Federal national cancer program, which operated in Russia from 2009 to 2014 (according to Ministry of health, was utilized 47,6 billion rubles, which bought 400 thousand units of modern equipment and the hospital constructed 101).

By the way, RUB 245 billion is six times less than went to the Olympics in Sochi in 2014. The daily amount of Russian military campaign in Syria will be enough to pay for lighting during the year, such Russian cities as Tomsk.

And some indicators related to the provision of Russian financial assistance in Syria. According to the chamber of Commerce of Syria, Russia has invested in the Republic before the revolution to about 19 billion dollars. In late 2015, these investments grew by one billion and accounted for 20 billion dollars. About the present state of Affairs, when from the Russian Treasury are withdrawn considerable sums on phantom program “international assistance,” you can lead a long and substantive discussion. In fact, Russia continues the Soviet policy assistance to other countries, turning a blind eye to domestic issues, in particular on what it’s in dire need of the society. Deftly finding justification for such actions and, of course, giving the opportunity to the representatives of the government, does it not deep to start the hand in the budget pocket.

Michael Flasar, blogger

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