Gymnast Hanna Rizatdinova became a victim of robbery in Spain


August 5, 2022, 15:09 | Culture

The Ukrainian athlete complained to the Spanish police.

Gymnast Ganna Rizatdinova became a victim of robbery in Spain

Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games and participant of the project “Dancing with the Stars” Hanna Rizatdinova, who currently lives in Spain, told on Instagram about her very unfortunate day. On the morning of August 2, her son Roman developed a high temperature without other symptoms. Fortunately, the gymnast managed to find a good doctor, Ukr.Media informs.

Later, another trouble awaited Rizatdinov. The athlete reported that she was the victim of a robbery. Thieves broke the glass in her car and took documents and all the things bought for a new rented apartment.

"Left a rented car in a parking lot in a crowded city. Many cars drive by. When I got back to the car, I was shocked. The glass was broken, a backpack with all the documents, two suitcases and things bought for a rented apartment were stolen. There were 6 packages with new things for the apartment. Probably, real professionals worked, because they stole so many things so quickly…, Anna shared.

Rizatdinova complained to the Spanish police. According to the star, the law enforcement agencies immediately declared that they are unlikely to find the perpetrators. The gymnast added that when she returned to the scene of the crime in the hope of finding at least a passport, she saw another car with a broken window.

"I went to the police, wrote a statement. I was immediately warned that the police were unlikely to find anything. What is most cynical, today I came to the scene of the crime in the hope that I will find at least a passport. And I saw a car with the same broken rear window! Horror! It turns out that these thieves work every day! And no one from the local government does anything! There was not a single police car in the area today! Yes, I reassured myself that these were just things. The main thing is that everyone is healthy! But still, a very unpleasant situation. Then I went to change the car. Thank goodness I had full insurance and it covered all the damage. This morning I was at the Consulate of Ukraine, I filled out a bunch of documents. Now I'm waiting. After such a "successful" In the afternoon I came home and felt the temperature. I don't know what will happen next…", Anna wrote.


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