Hackers have found a way to hack your Telegram: how not to become a victim

Хакеры нашли способ взломать ваш Telegram: как не стать жертвой

A dozen entrepreneurs hacked telegram accounts. . About the threat from hackers inform the company Group-IB, which deals with “the prevention of cyber attacks”.

As reported by Meduza, the attackers gained access to the correspondence of entrepreneurs, whose telegram accounts have been hacked.

Cyber-criminals intercept SMS, which sends a Telegram to allow login. The applied authentication method is one of the most unreliable. This method was also used in the crack accounts in the Telegram opponents of the Kremlin a few years ago. The other is the protection of the messenger there is no default.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of hackers, I advise you to abandon SMS as authorization method, but in Telegram it can be done. In messenger you can set a password — to do this, go to Settings, in the section of Privacy. As a result, your account is compromised hackers will need not only to intercept an SMS with the code, but also know the password.


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