Hailey Bieber patented a nail shade that drove her fans crazy


    Hailey Bieber patented a nail shade that drove her fans crazy

    This is a special color of pearly nail polish

    25-year-old model Hailey Bieber has long been a style icon and influencer in the fashion world. The other day she patented the color of the manicure, which she came up with with her nail art master.

    She has been faithful to her master for several years. Together they chose the shape of the nails, which Hayley has not changed for many years: almond-shaped with a pointed tip, and then the perfect shade that is suitable for fashion photo shoots, social events and an ordinary walk.

    Hailey Bieber patented a manicure shade, which drove her fans crazy

    TlkTok, where Hailey has nine million followers, even came up with a new hashtag dedicated to Hailey's manicure. The other day she posted a video showing how to achieve the desired shade.

    You should use the OPI GelColor Stay Classic Base. Then apply one coat of Funny Bunny lacquer from the same company. Add a layer of Stay Shiny Top Coat on top, and after OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can for that glossy effect.

    The result is a pearl nude shade that looks perfect on long nails and visually lengthens the fingers.


    Having learned that OPI, according to rumors, is going to create a varnish that closely resembles the color of Hayley's nails, she, together with her master, decided to patent it.

    Nail salons have been doing manicures for a long time ” like Hailey”, now, with a detailed video tutorial, it will, of course, be easier.


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