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Hamas attack on Israel ;l : Israeli army regains "control" in fighting, threats to Jerusalem

Israel retaliates after Hamas attack and strikes "more than 500 targets" of the armed group present in the Gaza Strip, strikes must continue while fighting takes place elsewhere. 7 or 8 locations near the border. Anti-rocket sirens sounded loudly. Jerusalem.

The essentials

  • Airstrikes and fighting continue between Hamas and Israeli forces following the offensive carried out on October 7 by forces from the Gaza Strip.
  • Israel announced having fought back by hitting "over 500 targets" of Hamas on Sunday night Monday. And while fighting is going on in "7 or 8" locations near the border with the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said. late Monday morning having regained "total control" of certain localities.
  • Hamas attacks threaten to extend to other parts of the country. Jerusalem where anti-rocket sirens were used. heard late in the morning.
  • The toll is worsening according to figures communicated by local authorities this Monday, October 9: 700 dead and 2,150 injured in Israel while 413 people died and 2 300 injured Gaza. Dozens of Israeli hostages are being held by Hamas forces.
  • The Hamas attack also caused casualties in the Gaza Strip, in the landlocked territory of Hamas. which has more than two million inhabitants at least 123,500 people were killed. moved after the strikes.


12:01 – A surprise and sophisticated attack not anticipated by Israel

Israel's failure to predicting and thwarting the attack carried out by Hamas is strongly criticized by part of the Israeli people, it was also surprising because “this country is in a state of war and in ruins”. “permanent alert since its creation, and intelligence is its major addition,” remarked David Khalfa, co-director of the North Africa and Middle East Observatory at the University of New York. the Jean-Jaurès foundation with Franceinfo. In addition to the unanticipated timing, it was the scale of the attack that took Israel by surprise: "The state of astonishment in Israel responds to this. the scale and agravity of the sophistication of Hamas commandos" analysis David Rigoulet-Roze, associate researcher à the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Iris).

The Israeli Defense Minister has just announced the "siege" from the Gaza Strip, in response to the the attack by Hamas and while strikes have just occurred on Jerusalem. "I ordered a complete siege of the Gaza Strip. No electricity, no food, no gas, everything is closed. We fight human animals and we act accordingly. said Minister Yoav Gallant during a situation update.

11:29 – Two rockets launched at Jerusalem

The detonations heard à Jerusalem would come from the two rockets launched at an Israeli intelligence base according to the correspondent of BFMTV present at the meeting. Shoresh, a suburb of Jerusalem.

Anti-rocket warning sirens followed by detonation were sounded. heard throughout Jerusalem this Monday morning reports AFP.

The Israeli army says it has regained "total control" in certain localities close to the border with the Gaza Strip and where Clashes had taken place since the Hamas attack. However, it indicates that Palestinian fighters could still be present on its territory. It calls for 300,000 army reservists to be deployed. join its ranks, an unprecedented mobilization.

10:38 – The Hamas attack supported by Iran

Iran denies involvement in the attack against Israel, but does not hide its support for Hamas. "We strongly support Palestine, but we are not involved in the Palestinian response," the Iranian mission to the United Nations. "The resistance of the Palestinian nation has the capacity, strength and will to resist. “necessary to defend oneself, defend one's nation and try to recover its lost rights,” added this Monday, the spokesperson for Iranian diplomacy, Nasser Kanani. Yet, the Wall Street Journalcites leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and an Iranian paramilitary organization and argues that Iran brought its competition the Hamas offensive in particular to help with organize air and land invasions. The offensive would have been decided to Beirut, Lebanon, last week.

10:16 – Where? are the fighting taking place between Hamas and Israel?

Fighting continues between the forces of Hamas and those of Israel, who intend to recover all of the land. of their territory. The clashes actually take place on the side Israeli border of the armistice line which separates the Jewish state from the Gaza Strip.

09:55 – Franco-Israeli reservists join the ranks of the army

An Israeli army spokesperson said that 100,000 army reservists have mobilized and are intervening in the south of the country after the Hamas attacks. Among these reservists, several are French and form “extremely close-knit” units. comprising "men, but women too, religious or not, people of the right or the left" explains one of the reservists to BFMTV. The number of reservists is expected to increase further in the coming hours. come.

09:54 – "About 1,000 Hamas fighters" participated à the attack on Israel

"Israelél wasé humiliated and defeated" wrote columnist Yossi Verter in the left-wing newspaper Haaretz. A reaction which points out the failings within the Israeli defense which allowed the Hamas offensive and the penetration of "1000 fighters" of the armed group Palestinian on the territory of Israel as reported on X (former Twitter) by Jonathan Conricus, a spokesperson for the Israeli army.

Hamas’s attack on Israel also had consequences on the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip where it was attacked. more than 123,000 people were trained. displaced according to figures from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The hostilities caused internal displacements [of] "more than 17,500 families representing 123,538 people […] mainly to “cause of fear, concerns for their protection and the destruction of their homes”, specifies the UN organization.

09:17 – "Israë he is attacked and Hamas is the aggressor"

Responsibility of the Hamas armed group in the tragic and violent clashes of this weekend is in no doubt for the Minister of Labor. "There is no confusion: Israel is being attacked. and Hamas is the aggressor" launched Olivier Dussport, this Monday morning, on Public Sénat. By reaffirming this position, the minister denounces “unbearable relativism” of part of the left in reference to La France insoumise (LFI) or the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) which have not clearly condemned the abuses of Hamas

09:05 – G&eac;rald Darmanin promises to do everything "to protect our Jewish compatriots"

Hamas' attack on Israel awakens anti-Semitic thoughts. In France, "we saw around ten anti-Semitic acts this weekend, and" around 700 reports to date Pharos" indicated Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin at the microphone of France Bleu Nord, this Monday morning. However, he assures that despite Despite these isolated acts, "there is’no characterized threat today". Gérald Darmanin returned to the vigilance work carried out by by the authorities and promised to do everything "to protect our Jewish compatriots" recognizing that "what can happen outside the box" going abroad can have consequences in France.

08:48 – "Netanyahu said: an open war" to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip

Palestine and Israel accuse each other of a terrorist act or massacre. And if after the Hamas offensive – armed group Palestinian – the Israeli authorities are retaliating, the head of the Palestinian mission Hala Abou Hassira deplored on Franceinfo the fact that "any statement which gives Israel has the right to “To defend oneself is a green light to massacre the Palestinians again.” The Prime Minister of Israel had invited civilians leave the Gaza Strip but this speech is contradictory with reality. from the field according to the head of mission: "He asked à the population of Gaza to leave, but to leave where? ? As long as Israel imposes a blockade, the most severe in history. As a result, it is as if 'Netanyahu [had] declared an open war on the two million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip" believes Hala Abou Hassira who recalls that "nothing justifies the death of innocent people, on both sides".

08:29 – A French woman killed à Israel, eight other nationals missing

Among the thousand victims of the recent offensives in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a few are French. A Frenchwoman was killed and eight others disappeared in the attack carried out by Hamas on October 7. The Quai d'Orsay indicated "clarifying the situation of several nationals who could not be located" and be "in permanent contact with their families and in contact with the Israeli authorities" in a press release. To "assist the community" French people and French people passing through Israel, a crisis unit is open at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

08 :15 – Fighting still ongoing between Israel and Gaza

The fighting resumed in intensity. in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since the Hamas offensive on October 7, clashes have continued both in the air with reciprocal air strikes and on the ground. According to the Israeli army, fighting is taking place between 7 and 8 places around the Palestinian enclave in the Gaza Strip. "We still have warriors fighting terrorists," Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht.

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Two days after the attack launched by Hamas – a Palestinian armed group considered by part of the West and Israel as a terrorist group – , Israel retaliates. The IDF, the Israeli army, announced this Monday, October 9, that it had struck “more than 500 Hamas targets” located in the Gaza Strip. During the night. If the exchanges of air strikes continue, fighting is also underway elsewhere. "7 or 8" locations around the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The attack carried out by Hamas on Israel and the numerous airstrikes launched by both sides are responsible for a very heavy toll. The latest figures communicated by the Israeli army show more than 700 dead and 2,150 wounded, a large number of victims to which are added dozens of ;hostages according to the IDF. "Women, children, babies, the elderly and the disabled" are being held by Hamas forces, said Hamas. Israel. Which are holding "more than 100 prisoners" according to the Government Press Office (GPO). The fighting also left 413 dead and 2,300 injured in the enclave of the Gaza Strip according to the results of local authorities.

Some victims are foreign nationals . A French woman died in the Hamas offensive on Israel on Saturday October 7. The Quai d'Orsay indicated that other nationals present in Israel have not been arrested. located since the attack. Americans, a Canadian, Nepalese and Thais were also included. victims of the strikes.

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